Project Downloads
hxcs Support library for the C# backend of the Haxe compiler 37951
hxjava Support library for the Java backend of the Haxe compiler 30405
systools A cross-platform extension to the Neko VM for accessing system APIs 28409
record-macros Macro-based ORM (object-relational mapping) 10815
mcli A simple command-line object mapper. See more at 6691
erazor A haXe implementation of the MVC 3 Razor template engine 5012
hxnodejs-redis Externs for the request NPM module 548
hxnodejs-request Externs for the request NPM module 242
hxnodejs-uuid Externs for the uuid NPM module 239
hxnodejs-ipaddr Externs for the ipaddr.js NPM module 231
hxnodejs-redislock Externs for the redislock NPM module 229
hxnodejs-bunyan Externs for the bunyan NPM module 218
croxit-1 Croxit is a library that enables Haxe-written HTML5/JS applications to run on a cross-platform, offline environment. It emulates the neko.Web API and allows client/server-style applications to run offline on a mobile or desktop device. 93
hxkalman A minimal, dependency-free implementation of kalman filters 23
hxnodejs-aws-sdk Externs for the aws-sdk NPM module 13
hxnodejs-backoff Externs for the backoff NPM module 11
hxnodejs-connect-redis Externs for the connect-redis NPM module 11
hxnodejs-dynamodb-data-types Externs for the dynamodb-data-types NPM module 10
hxnodejs-express-bunyan-logger Externs for the express-bunyan-logger NPM module 8