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openfl The "Open Flash Library" for fast 2D development 184541
lime A foundational Haxe framework for cross-platform development 157988
actuate Actuate is a fast and flexible tween library that uses a jQuery-style "chaining" syntax. It out-performs other libraries (such as TweenLite) and is easy to extend with custom actuators. 100033
openfl-samples OpenFL samples 85353
swf Provides support for parsing and displaying SWF content 49442
lime-tools Command-line tools for Haxe projects 44866
openfl-native OpenFL support for native platforms 42138
lime-samples Lime samples 35297
box2d Box2D is a tremendously popular physics engine for most platforms. 32945
task Use the Task and TaskList API to simplify asynchronous tasks 31785
layout Flexible system for fluid resizing layouts 31249
openfl-html5 OpenFL support for HTML5 23854
hxlibc hxlibc is an alternative Haxe C++ backend 18756
openfl-tools Command-line tools for OpenFL 18430
openfl-html5-dom OpenFL support for HTML5 (using the DOM) 15577
openfl-compatibility Compatibility support for OpenFL 10441
svg Provides support for parsing and rendering SVG content 9759
hxtools Command-line tools for Haxe projects 4964
spritesheet Spritesheet is a useful and flexible sprite sheet library compatible with OpenFL 4617
openfl-ouya Extension for additional OUYA support 3931
away3d Away3D is an open source platform for developing interactive 3D graphics for video games and applications. 3315
starling The Cross-Platform Game Engine 2942
as3hx as3hx is a utility to help automatically convert ActionScript source code into compatible Haxe code 1688
openfl-nme-compatibility Compatibility library for porting NME projects to OpenFL 552
sqlite Provides SQLite capabilities for C++ targets 543
aether Command-line tools for Haxe projects 508
away3d-samples Away3D samples 491
extension-share Share extension calling native implementation for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and HTML5. 430
iap 397
gamecenter Adds iOS GameCenter support 341
extension-iap In-app purchase support 333
extension-webview WebView / OpenFL extension for Android + iOS. 318
buildhx BuildHX helps you create externs for native libraries. 285
dragonbones DragonBones Haxe Runtime 213
extension-gamecenter Adds iOS GameCenter support 92
hxgenjs 81
keybinding Makes it simple to 'bind' or 'unbind' handlers for the keyboard 70
extension-gamecircle OpenFL Game Circle extension for Android and Kindle devices. 41
extension-amazonads AmazonAds extension for OpenFL 36
jtransc-game-center Adds iOS GameCenter support 8

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