Project Downloads
format A Haxe Library for supporting different file formats. 54605
hscript Haxe Script is a scripting engine for a subset of the Haxe language 37560
hxsl HxSL : Haxe high level shader library 17070
haxelib_client The haxelib client 15544
record-macros Macro-based ORM (object-relational mapping) 8999
mtwin Motion-Twin public Haxe libraries contains many tools which make webdevelopers life easier. 3625
nodejs, Http, and sys library for node.js 3457
tora A multithreaded Neko application server 3001
hashlink Hashlink support library. 1215
haxelib The haxelib client 720
templo Advanced Template System for Haxe 391
castle CastleDB Haxe integration macros 311
heaps The GPU Game Framework 307
dbadmin Database Admin interface for Haxe DB Records 204
hlsdl SDL/GL support for Haxe/HL. 176
hxbit Binary serialization and network synchronization library 148