Project Downloads
hexcore Independent core elements for building OOP projects and frameworks 2605
hexunit OOP Unit testing framework written in Haxe 2451
hexannotation Utilities for reading and writing metadata 504
hexinject Dependency injector with very fast injections 503
hexmvc hexMVC is a powerful MVC+S framework 487
hexservice hexService contains service architecture written in Haxe 471
hexstate State machine written in Haxe 466
hexioc Inversion of Control system with DSL and modularity based on global and micro contexts. 414
hexmachina A powerful multi-modular MVC+S system written in Haxe 389
hexreflection Fast class description builder to output lightweight reflection data (class description parsing at compile time) 247
hexdsl hexDSL contains DSL toolkit written in Haxe 167
hexlog hexLog contains logging system written in Haxe 92