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Project Downloads
buddy Your friendly BDD testing library for Haxe! 22692
travix Travis helper for Haxe 14824
asynctools Haxe implementation of the npm async package. 14402
erazor A haXe implementation of the MVC 3 Razor template engine 5750
slambda Short Lambda expressions in a tiny library 1273
mithril Haxe externs for Mithril, a javascript MVC framework. 632
dataclass A convenient way to create domain objects, DTO's, web forms, and other data structures. 470
HaxeContracts A Design by Contract library. 388
haxedci A DCI library with clean syntax and autocompletion. 242
immutable Enforce immutability. 177
haxelow A small, flat JSON database library. 148
prismic-hx Haxe externs for prismic.io 6

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