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General purpose library. It contains extensions to many of the types contained in the standard library as well as new complementary types. 0.43.0 17986
Library for lightweight promises and futures. 0.7.0 1490
Localization library. 0.5.0 1390
Semantic version library for Haxe. It follows the specifications for Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 described at http://semver.org/ 0.2.2 1291
Formatting library (Numbers and Dates). 0.6.0 770
Library for color manipulation. Contains definitions for Lab, LCh, Cmy(K), CubeHelix, Grey, Hcl, Hsl(A), Hsv(A), Rgb(A), Xyz and Yxy as well as alpha versions of the sames and color parsing. 0.19.1 438
Stream library for Haxe. 0.6.1 326
CSV parsing and writing libraries. Also supports DSV and TSV. 0.2.0 287
Library for unit of measurements. So far are included linear measurement, amount of substance, angle, current, digital, luminous intensity, mass, and time. 0.8.0 254
Template library 0.2.1 61
DOM Streams for Haxe 0.1.3 58
Tools to measure code execution timing. 0.1.1 47
Contains helpers for text like ASCII tables and inflections. 0.2.1 33

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