Priori helps you to build consistents front-ends for Web Apps with Haxe. Write html and css codes are not required. Create complex components and interactions just using haxe code.

This is not the latest stable version of priori. See version 0.8.1 for the latest version.

To install, run:

haxelib install priori 0.5.0 

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

MIT License Haxelib Version


Build Single Page Application only using Haxe? Priori is the answer.

Priori helps you to create cross-browser web apps for desktops, tablets and smartphones using all benefits of the modern, high level, strictly typed programming language that you already know - and love.


Create New Project

haxelib run priori create

Compile Project

haxelib run priori build

Optional Parameters:
- -f : priori.json file name
- -p : source path
- -D : Any -D flag will be passed to the haxe compiler


Check the Priori api documentation under construction on (


Requires Haxe 3.2.1+.

  • Step one: install jQueryExtern lib via haxelib: haxelib install jQueryExtern
  • Step two: install Priori lib: haxelib install priori

You can also install aditional priori libs:
- Bootstrap for Priori: haxelib install priori-bootstrap
- Font Awesome for Priori: haxelib install priori-fontawesome
- Scene Manager for Priori: haxelib install priori-scenemanager

Priori Example Project

Check out some Priori examples.

Priori Roadmap for 1.0.0 Release Version

  • Full Documentation 02% Completed
  • ~~Rotation property for PriDisplay~~ Done
  • ~~Scale property for PriDisplay~~ Done
  • ~~9 Slice Images~~ Done
  • ~~Shadow property~~ Done
  • Background Images
  • ~~Better Border Support (Current version is buggy)~~ Done
  • Full compatibilty for Android and IOs devices
  • Youtube, Vimeo and other video streaming (?) support
  • ~~Better performance for PriDataGrid~~ Done
  • ~~Fix scroller on mobile devices~~ Done
  • Remove JQuery dependency for better performance
  • Better accessibility for Priori Apps
  • ~~Better support for Mouse events~~ Done
  • Better support for Keyboard events
  • Form Container
  • Form validation support
  • Several bug fixes


0.5.0 - 01/11/2017

  • New Feature: startDrag() and stopDrag() methods
  • Bugfixes

0.4.2 - 01/03/2017

  • Improvements : Mouse position on MouseEvent
  • Lot of bugfix and optimizations

0.4.1 - 12/24/2016

  • Improvements : More performance improvements.
  • Bugfix : Template for "create" command error

0.4.0 - 12/18/2016

  • New Feature : Filters for PriDisplay: blur, contrast, grayscale, etc (do not work on IE)
  • New Feature : getGlobalBox() method to get the object position on window
  • Improvements : LOT OF performance improvements (more to come).
  • Improvements : Uses text-shadow on PriText instead of box-shadow
  • Improvements : PriImage scales conflicts
  • Improvements : PriContainer now supports PriEvents.RESIZE.
  • Improvements : Better way to handle Browser events

0.3.0 - 12/11/2016

  • New Feature : Scale and Rotation
  • Updated jQuery version to 2.2.1
  • Keep jquery and dom reference after kill method

0.2.0 - 12/02/2016

  • New Feature : Shadow property
  • New Feature : PressEnter event for form elements
  • New Feature : Tooltip property
  • New Feature : Mouse enable / disable property
  • New Feature : selected index property for combo box
  • New Feature : PriFormTextArea
  • Improvements : Better way to handle parent objects
  • Bugfix : Child visibility
  • Several small fix

0.1.2 - 06/02/2016

  • Bugfix : Wrong PriDataGrid max scroll value on Firefox.

0.1.1 - 05/27/2016

  • Bugfix : Small fix for PriNineSlice

0.1.0 - 05/25/2016

  • New Feature : PriNineSlice component for nine-sliced images! WHAT IS IT?

0.0.5 - 05/18/2016

  • Improvements : Better performance for PriDataGrid - thousands of rows working fine working fine
  • Some smallfixs

0.0.4 - 05/10/2016

  • Bugfix: Wrong detection for android devices
  • Bugfix: Audio not loading on ios devices

0.0.3 - 05/08/2016

  • Bugfix : cannot get values from disabled form elements
  • Improvements : Better border support. * Still need more tests
  • Change Class names :
    - BorderStyle to PriBorderStyle
    - BorderType to PriBorderType
1 year ago

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