How do I change my password?

At the moment there is no way to change your password using the website or command-line. Please contact contact@haxe.org with the emailaddress of your account.

How to use haxelib on the command line

Check out using haxelib.

Can a project have multiple contributors?

Yes, just add multiple usernames in the contributors list ("contributors": ["Juraj","Jason","Nicolas"],) and make a new release. This will allow multiple users to submit.

How do I transfer ownership of a haxelib?

Haxelib only sees contributors, so you can add the new "owner" and remove the old one and make a new release.

How to make a haxelib.json file?

Check out creating a haxelib package.

How do I validate my haxelib.json file?

If you want to be sure if the haxelib json file is correct, try using haxelib submit. This will validate if the data is correct. Press ctrl+c to terminate the actual submission.

How do I get a readme/changelog/license tab on my haxelib project page?

Add a "README.md", "CHANGELOG.md" and/or "LICENSE.md" markdown file in your zip file that is submitted.

Why doesn't my project have stats graph?

The project stats graph is only shown when the project has more than one release.

How do I remove my haxelib?

At the moment there is no way to remove a library from the registry, because this could break existing projects. If there serious issues like vulnerabilities or copyright infringements, please contact contact@haxe.orgs with the emailaddress of your account.

Where can I report haxelib issues?

Go to https://github.com/HaxeFoundation/haxelib/issues.

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