Project Downloads
session Basic web sessions support for neko platform with common (php/neko) proxy class. Based on Andreas Soderlund's code. 1237
HtmlParser Simple and fast crossplatform HTML/XML parser with a jQuery-like find() method. Also, contains a helper class to XML creating. 917
jquery Fixed version of the haxe's jQuery class and some plugins. 793
stdlib Standard library improvements: exceptions, string triming with a trimed chars specified, min/max for integers and so on. 786
ImageMagick ImageMagick bindings for neko/php. Based on the Lee McColl Sylvester's ( nMagick project. 647
threejs Externs for three.js. Automated conversion from typescript ( 480
refactor Haxe source code refactoring and converting tool. 444
HaQuery Web framework with php/neko and js target. 296
codemirror Externs for CodeMirror js library. 237
easeljs Haxe wrapper for CreateJS/EaselJS library. Autogenerated from js docs. 224
profiler Profiler for all targets. 203
curl Curl library bindings for neko/php. This project based on knarf's "curl" ( and Raza Tiana's "haxe-curl" ( projects. 196
websocket HTML5 websocket support for sys platforms. Unblocked and threaded servers for neko. 185
orm Object-relational mapping library. Can generate classes from database tables. MySQL and SqlLite are supported for now. 167
hant Tools primary for console applications (sys platforms: neko/php/cpp). 165
soundjs Haxe wrapper for CreateJS/SoundJS library. Autogenerated from js docs. 158
tweenjs Haxe wrapper for CreateJS/TweenJS library. Autogenerated from js docs. 141
fontjs Externs for 118
jsfl Externs for the Flash jsfl API. This is improved version of the original plefferts's library ( 100
mongomod MongoDB driver for haxe. Based on the 'mongodb' haxe library. 98
codegen A macro tool to generate haxe and none-haxe codes from existing haxe source codes. 93
fcgi CGI/FCGI wrapper for neko. Based on the hxfcgi project ( 80
yuidoc2haxe Haxe extern classes generating tool. Use yuidoc's json as a source. 55
phpnatives Files to help writing applications to PHP target. 49
bootstrap Twitter bootstrap with plugins. 45
haxescript Haxe interpretator based on hscript library. 39
xpcom Haxe wrapper for Mozilla XPCOM classes (for use in xul applications) and interfaces (javascript). 37
unicode Conversion from system default charset to utf-8 and vise versa. Working with national-named files on Windows. Support utf-8 regular expressions. 37
preloadjs Haxe wrapper for CreateJS/PreloadJS library. Autogenerated from js docs. 28
jslibs Colection of js externs: RgbQuant, Pixastic, FullScreenApi, FontSupport. 24
winapi Some winapi calls for the neko platform. 15
ndllfinder Neko smart NDLL finder 15
requirejs RequireJS binding. 15
undoqueue Undo/redo queue for your project. 12
jsprop A build macro to generate support code for native js properties. 11
serializator A build macro to exclude specified class fields from serialization. 7
datatools Light library with a data structures stuff: read-only arrays, clone and compare support for `Array` and `Map`. 3
nodegen Tool to generate nodejs module from haxe sources. 2