Project Downloads
session Basic web sessions support for neko platform with common (php/neko) proxy class. Based on Andreas Soderlund's code. 1032
jquery Fixed version of the haxe's jQuery class and some plugins. 756
stdlib Standard library improvements: exceptions, string triming with a trimed chars specified, min/max for integers and so on. 716
HtmlParser Simple and fast crossplatform HTML/XML parser with a jQuery-like find() method. Also, contains a helper class to XML creating. 704
ImageMagick ImageMagick bindings for neko/php. Based on the Lee McColl Sylvester's ( nMagick project. 637
refactor Haxe source code refactoring and converting tool. 376
threejs Externs for three.js. Automated conversion from typescript ( 291
HaQuery Web framework with php/neko and js target. 287
codemirror Externs for CodeMirror js library. 198
curl Curl library bindings for neko/php. This project based on knarf's "curl" ( and Raza Tiana's "haxe-curl" ( projects. 188
profiler Profiler for all targets. 188
websocket HTML5 websocket support for sys platforms. Unblocked and threaded servers for neko. 159
orm Object-relational mapping library. Can generate classes from database tables. MySQL and SqlLite are supported for now. 155
hant Library with ant-like methods. Helpful classes for building console application 139
easeljs Haxe wrapper for CreateJS/EaselJS library. Autogenerated from js docs. 125
jsfl Externs for the Flash jsfl API. This is improved version of the original plefferts's library ( 98
mongomod MongoDB driver for haxe. Based on the 'mongodb' haxe library. 91
fcgi CGI/FCGI wrapper for neko. Based on the hxfcgi project ( 76
soundjs Haxe wrapper for CreateJS/SoundJS library. Autogenerated from js docs. 70
tweenjs Haxe wrapper for CreateJS/TweenJS library. Autogenerated from js docs. 56
yuidoc2haxe Haxe extern classes generating tool. Use yuidoc's json as a source. 54
phpnatives Files to help writing applications to PHP target. 44
bootstrap Twitter bootstrap with plugins. 42
codegen A macro tool to generate haxe and none-haxe codes from existing haxe source codes. 42
haxescript Haxe interpretator based on hscript library. 36
fontjs Externs for 35
unicode Conversion from system default charset to utf-8 and vise versa. Working with national-named files on Windows. Support utf-8 regular expressions. 33
xpcom Haxe wrapper for Mozilla XPCOM classes (for use in xul applications) and interfaces (javascript). 32
preloadjs Haxe wrapper for CreateJS/PreloadJS library. Autogenerated from js docs. 25
jslibs Colection of js externs: RgbQuant, Pixastic, FullScreenApi, FontSupport. 18
winapi Some winapi calls for the neko platform. 14
requirejs RequireJS binding. 13
jsprop A build macro to generate support code for native js properties. 10
ndllfinder Neko smart NDLL finder 8
undoqueue Undo/redo queue for your project. 8
serializator A build macro to exclude specified class fields from serialization. 6