Project Downloads
openfl-stage3d stage3d api over openfl OpenGLView 1011
stage3d-glsl a wrapper to stage3d api to use glsl 831
stage3d-glsl-wrapper a wrapper to stage3d api to use glsl 124
wighawag-report A Reporting library that use trace underneath but display a more explicit API 79
mlib-wighawag A cross platform tool to deal with haxelib libraries 67
wighawag-application openfl application skeleton 58
javelin A tool to manage projects using mlib and munit 57
wighawag-utils Some tools that could not fit anywhere else 50
wighawag-asset Asset management 49
wighawag-system Entity Component System 49
wighawag-ui 47
wighawag-console console to show log/error message 46
wighawag-components-core a set of basic components for wighawag-system 46
wighawag-view Entity views 44
wighawag-controls A lib for controllers (keyboard, button panel, accelerometer...) 43
wighawag-gpu 43
wighawag-remote a lib to exchange data with server (json,amf) 43
jsloka js implenetation of th eIO 42
loka IO abstract 42
wighawag-statemachine A simple StateMachine lib that support stateless 'state' 41
wighawag-game-utils stuff to be but in specific libs 38
control input (keyboard/mouse/touch/gamepad...) 31
belt a utility library 30
glee opengl wrapper 24
glmat matrix using FloatArray 22
tri 3d 19
khage KHA Graphical Extension 17
boot shell and asset loading 15
korrigan sprite library 14
kit A meta lib containing : belt : a utility library jsloka : js implenetation of th eIO loka : IO abstract control : input (keyboard/mouse/touch/gamepad...) glmat : matrix using FloatArray boot : shell and asset loading glee : opengl wrapper korrigan : sprite library tri : 3d 14
imagesheet a texture atlas / spritesheet library, support texture packer format 13
gcusage lib to gather gc usage via code. Also serve as live doc on how haxe/hxcpp deal with allocation for various types 9
blip Simple lib to get started with game with replay enabled 9
spriter a runtime for spriter with zero allocation while animating 8
metal a METALib manager 7
cosmos a Entity component system 7
spriterkha a kha renderer for spriter runtime 7