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snowfall A temporary convenience for luxe and snow users during active development. see https://luxeengine.com/ 2622
flow 453
luxe 407
snow 378
arguable A simple --argument value parsing library for Haxe. 355
hxcollision PLEASE NOTE hxcollision WAS RENAMED TO differ, use haxelib install differ! 308
differ Agnostic Separating Axis Theorom collisions for Polygons, Circles and Rays. 234
mohxa A BDD style test library based closely on http://visionmedia.github.io/mocha/, for haxe 71
hxsw Haxe Shader Wrangler, a port of OpenGL Shader Wrangler for haxe. Not specific to GL. 38
haxelibcounter Haxe entry point - An article on getting started with Haxe 11

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