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starling The Cross-Platform Game Engine 2927
swiftsuspenders This is an OpenFL 2.x/Haxe port of the popular AS3 metadata driven IOC (Inversion Of Control) solution SwiftSuspenders 463
robotlegs Robotlegs v2 is a popular Micro-Architecture framework which integrates with OpenFL, Starling, Away3D, ThreeJS and Fuse 443
composure A haxe library to assist coding in a composition design pattern. The library also allows for dependency injection via metadata.
Intro to Composure - with Hello World
Composure Wiki
xmlTools A set of XML tools built on top of the cross-platform Xml class.
For Haxe 2 support use 0.x
raven A port of raven-js to Haxe. Provides cloud-based error reporting via the Sentry website. 27
stringParser A library for parsing large strings efficiently.
Has facilities for bracket matching.
Operations are completely granular, meaning parsing can be paused at any time.
ParseSpod ParseSpod is an Haxe library for generating client-side API code for Parse Servers. 7
ParseSpodHx ParseSpod is an Haxe library for generating client-side API code for Parse Servers. 3
starling-animate-cc Adobe Animate 'Texture Atlas' export integration (different to 'Sprite Sheet'). For the playback of efficiently packed, 2D, GPU-accelerated animations. 1
bridges A library which spawns additional compilers and adds a communication between the resulting output. For use with client/server and worker thread type setups. 0

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