Project Downloads
format A Haxe Library for supporting different file formats. 99643
hscript Haxe Script is a scripting engine for a subset of the Haxe language 46551
hxsl HxSL : Haxe high level shader library 22971
haxelib_client The haxelib client 15706
record-macros Macro-based ORM (object-relational mapping) 11932
hashlink Hashlink support library. 4826
mtwin Motion-Twin public Haxe libraries contains many tools which make webdevelopers life easier. 4627
tora A multithreaded Neko application server 4375
nodejs, Http, and sys library for node.js 3610
heaps The GPU Game Framework 2492
hxbit Binary serialization and network synchronization library 1496
hlsdl SDL/GL support for Haxe/HL. 1434
castle CastleDB Haxe integration macros 1270
hlopenal OpenAL support for Haxe/HL. 1214
haxelib The haxelib client 1065
hldx DirectX support for Haxe/HL. 944
templo Advanced Template System for Haxe 543
dbadmin Database Admin interface for Haxe DB Records 217
webidl WebIDL support for Haxe 15