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Project Downloads
enzyme Externs and tools for Enzyme, a JavaScript Testing utility for React. 163
react-router-4 Externs for react-router 4 122
history Externs for the history lib. 79
tamina TAMINA IS A FAST, SMALL, AND FEATURE-RICH HAXE LIBRARY. It makes things like Web Components, Custom Elements, Event handling, Proxy, Assets Loading, i18n, and XHR much simpler.Inspired by AngularJS and Flex frameworks, Tamina is a low level toolset for building large scaled web applications. It is fully extensible and works well with other libraries. Every feature can be modified or replaced to suit your unique development workflow and feature needs 36
event-types Haxe enums for javascript event types 24
js-object Externs for Object and Symbol 22
reselect Haxe externs and tools for Reselect. 18
classnames Haxe utility for conditionally joining classNames together. 12
redux-thunk Redux thunk-like API for haxe-redux 11
redux-connect @:connect support for haxe-redux 11
react-media CSS media queries for Haxe React. 6
react-intl React intl externs 2
react-redux-form React Redux Form externs 1

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