Project Downloads
compiletime Simple Haxe Macro Helpers that let you do or get things at compile-time. 31444
haxelib_client The haxelib client 15698
ufront-mvc A full-featured MVC Framework for Neko, PHP, NodeJS and browser JS, that runs on both server and client. 6952
ufront-orm An extension of Haxe's sys.db classes that provide relationships (foreign keys), validation, client-side safety and more. 6449
ufront-easyauth A basic database driven authentication system for Ufront, with Users, Groups and Permissions. 6211
ufront-ufadmin A simple web-based admin console for your ufront website. Has support for Nicolas' DBAdmin tool, and very simple integrations with ufront-easyauth, ufront-mail etc. Is pluggable so you can create your own admin modules. 6206
random Shortcuts to generate random floats, ints, bools, strings, dates, or to pick random items from an array or enum, or to shuffle an array. 6203
PBKDF2 Haxe implementation of the PBKDF2 Algorithm for password hashing 6161
ufront Ufront is a client/server web framework written in Haxe. This library contains links to common ufront libraries, and a command line tool to help you manage your ufront project. 6047
ufront-uftasks Tasks you write for your ufront app that can be run from the ufadmin panel or from the command line. 5935
erazor A haXe implementation of the MVC 3 Razor template engine 5450
cleversort A simple macro helper to make sorting arrays much prettier: array.cleverSort( _.age, ). 4889
ufront-mail Tools to create and send email using ufront 4795
detox Detox - A cross-platform library for Haxe to make working with Xml and the DOM easy... similar to jQuery and friends, but works wherever Haxe works, in a more haxe-like way. 1676
selecthxml Allows type-safe CSS-style selection on Xml objects. 1302
beanhx Externs to the BeanJS lightweight event library for Javascript. 1078
haxelib The haxelib client 1046
pushstate A basic JS library that uses PushState to update the browser address bar, add history items, and emulate requests without doing a full page reload. Great for single-page web applications. 1011
ufront-client Ufront running in the Browser - for isomorphic web apps and single page apps. Please note this haxelib does not contain any source files, but just defines dependencies for creating ufront apps that run client side. 613
objectinit A simple macro to make initialising objects much easier: `new User().init({ name:'Jason', age:27, likes:['haxe','macros'] })`. It's type safe! 503
ufront-clientds ClientDS is a Client Data Store that works with ufront-orm and the remoting APIs in ufront-mvc to let you easily fetch, cache and update database objects from the client. 424
hxevents Simple and Generic Event system for Haxe 384
hvm HVM - a tool for compiling and switching between different Haxe versions with ease. 182
ufront-tool Helper tool for Ufront 126
dtx-bootstrap A set of detox widgets that let you easily work with Bootstrap and Bootstrap styled components. 125
haxe-loader Webpack loader for the Haxe programming language. Allows you to use Webpack to build Haxe projects, and to use Webpack loaded assets in your Haxe code 125
ufront-remoting Some helpers for setting up Haxe remoting APIs with ufront. 87
modelschool A collection of data models, tools and import scripts to that assist in building apps for K-12 schools. 63
livehaxe LiveHaxe - a tool to monitor your project for changes and automatically recompile when changes are detected. 61
ckeditor-externs Javascript externs for CK Editor, a browser based wysiwyg editor. These externs are functional for basic usage, but by no means complete. You are welcome to contribute via Github. 52
ufront-mvc-classic The classic MVC Framework from the old Ufront. Modelled on MVC2 Framework, it is very flexible but relies heavily on RTTI, so performance and type safety may suffer. See ufront-mvc for an alternative implementation. 39
dodrugs A macro-powered dependency injector for Haxe 16