Project Downloads
utest Unit Testing for Haxe 23947
thx.core General purpose library. It contains extensions to many of the types contained in the standard library as well as new complementary types. 8383
ufront-mvc A full-featured MVC Framework for Neko, PHP, NodeJS and browser JS, that runs on both server and client. 5957
ufront-orm An extension of Haxe's sys.db classes that provide relationships (foreign keys), validation, client-side safety and more. 5352
ufront-ufadmin A simple web-based admin console for your ufront website. Has support for Nicolas' DBAdmin tool, and very simple integrations with ufront-easyauth, ufront-mail etc. Is pluggable so you can create your own admin modules. 5284
ufront-easyauth A basic database driven authentication system for Ufront, with Users, Groups and Permissions. 5229
erazor A haXe implementation of the MVC 3 Razor template engine 4452
nodejs, Http, and sys library for node.js 3410
thx.promise Library for lightweight promises and futures. 1387
express Express types for Haxe 1276
thx.culture Localization library. 1253
thx.format Formatting library (Numbers and Dates). 640
npm NPM types for Haxe 588
thx.semver Semantic version library for Haxe. It follows the specifications for Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 described at 487
dots DOTS - Dom Tools 483
jsrequire Small utility to get @:jsRequire dependencies automatically installed 461
ufront-clientds ClientDS is a Client Data Store that works with ufront-orm and the remoting APIs in ufront-mvc to let you easily fetch, cache and update database objects from the client. 421
templo Advanced Template System for Haxe 383
thx.color Library for color manipulation. Contains definitions for Lab, LCh, Cmy(K), CubeHelix, Grey, Hcl, Hsl(A), Hsv(A), Rgb(A), Xyz and Yxy as well as alpha versions of the sames and color parsing. 372 Stream library for Haxe. 292
hxevents Simple and Generic Event system for Haxe 284
electron Externs for the electron framework 247
thx.unit Library for unit of measurements. So far are included linear measurement, amount of substance, angle, current, digital, luminous intensity, mass, and time. 246
edge Entity system for Haxe. 104
thx.csv CSV parsing and writing libraries. Also supports DSV and TSV. 102
ufront-remoting Some helpers for setting up Haxe remoting APIs with ufront. 86
livehaxe LiveHaxe - a tool to monitor your project for changes and automatically recompile when changes are detected. 56 DOM Streams for Haxe 50
sui Fixes and updated package for thx.core 46
minicanvas Mini-library to quickly generate canvas images (for the browser and nodejs). 43
ufront-mvc-classic The classic MVC Framework from the old Ufront. Modelled on MVC2 Framework, it is very flexible but relies heavily on RTTI, so performance and type safety may suffer. See ufront-mvc for an alternative implementation. 38
thx.benchmark Tools to measure code execution timing. 38
abe Easy webserver for Haxe and NodeJS built on top of Express 33
thx.text Contains helpers for text like ASCII tables and inflections. 24
thx.tpl Template library 9
rdg Random Data Generator. 8