Project Downloads
nodejs, Http, and sys library for node.js 3597
logshim Shim for logging in different platforms and logging libraries. Use this as a default. 1727
promhx-unit-test Simple unit testing library using promhx promises. 1567
abstracts-core A collection of useful abstracts to prevent typos and mistakes when e.g. strings have multiple meanings. 1428
hx-color-trace Simple globally imported trace statements. E.g. traceRed('...''); 1239
nodejs-redis Externs for node_redis Major.minor numbers match the node_redis npm version. Patch version is only for this library (i.e. patch version doesn't match the backing node_redis version 910
json-rpc JSON remoting calls over http and websockets 412
transition9 A collection of macros, async methods, and general utilities. 30
promise-tests Simple unit testing library using promises. 9
macro-tools A collection of macro utilities 5