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record-macros Macro-based ORM (object-relational mapping) 12109
ufront-ufadmin A simple web-based admin console for your ufront website. Has support for Nicolas' DBAdmin tool, and very simple integrations with ufront-easyauth, ufront-mail etc. Is pluggable so you can create your own admin modules. 6467
ufront-uftasks Tasks you write for your ufront app that can be run from the ufadmin panel or from the command line. 6193
erazor A haXe implementation of the MVC 3 Razor template engine 5711
jQueryExtern Unleash the full power of jQuery in Haxe. 4798
aws-sdk-neko Neko binding to the AWS C++ SDK. 2598
hxColorToolkit Color conversion and color scheme generation. 593
hxSerial hxSerial is a library for serial port communication in Haxe (C++/Neko target). 171
hxLINQ Haxe implementation of LINQ. 95
CommentString /*Comment*/ as Heredoc String. 29

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