Project Downloads
pixijs Externs of pixi.js v4.x for Haxe - JavaScript 2D webGL renderer with canvas fallback. 28282
perf.js Simple FPS and Memory monitor. 17797
howlerjs Externs of HowlerJS v2.0.0 for Haxe - Audio library for the modern web. 10469
checkstyle Automated code analysis ideal for projects that want to enforce a coding standard. 9230
waud Web Audio Library 9022
cometdjs Externs of CometD for Haxe, a scalable comet (server push) implementation for the web. 5618
hammerjs Externs of hammer.js - Javascript touch gestures library 645
arm This project was shelved, so please don't use it. 209
p2js Externs of p2.js for Haxe - A Javascript 2D physics library. 194
jsfps Externs of js fps counters (Stats & FPSMeter) 133
uaparser Haxe externs for ua-parser-js 109
chartjs Externs of Chart.js for Haxe - Simple, clean and engaging charts for designers and developers 49
buzz Extern classes of Buzz for Haxe - A Javascript HTML5 Audio library. 30
device-capabilities Device Capabilities Library 9
haxe-uaparser Haxe externs for ua-parser-js 8