Project Downloads
haxelib_client The haxelib client 15440
hxparse This library provides tools for creating lexers and parsers in haxe. 8872
record-macros Macro-based ORM (object-relational mapping) 7154
dox Haxe documentation generator. 4210
hx2compat Some haxe 2 types for easier migration to haxe 3. 3630
hxargs A really small command line parser 1555
hxtemplo Port of the templo engine to haxe. 1458
haxeparser A Haxe parser 1272
selecthxml Allows type-safe CSS-style selection on Xml objects. 1232
haxelib The haxelib client 621
haxeparser-substituted Haxe parser on haxe, BAD substitued generics version 147