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Project Downloads
hxstd A completing yet alternative standard library. 183
hxdispatch An optionally asynchronous dispatch library. 69
hext-core Hext core, a completing yet alternative standard library for Haxe. 51
haxebase Kind of a Java collection/library to Haxe port. 34
hxsort Sorting algorithms (http://sortvis.org/) ported to Haxe. 34
nanomsg Haxe (C++/Neko) language bindings for the nanomsg library. 26
hext-flow An optionally asynchronous flow library. 21
hext-sort Sorting algorithms (http://sortvis.org/) ported to Haxe. 20
snappy Haxe (C++/Neko) language bindings for the Snappy compression library. 20
hext-search Searching algorithm library for Haxe. 18

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