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Project Downloads
pako Haxe externs for the pako js library (https://github.com/nodeca/pako) 22883
glm Native Haxe version of the fantastic GLM library. 93
partials A simple macro library for writing classes as partials (splitting a single class into multiple source files). 44
Ajax A simple library for firing promise-based 'ajax' requests (useful when interacting with REST APIs). 40
jwt A JSON Web Token library for native Haxe. 32
vellum A small terminal emulation package; based on and inspired by munificent/malison 16
FileSaver Haxe externs for the FileSaver.js library (for saving files from the browser). 13
PNGlib Haxe externs for the pnglib.js library (for saving files from the browser). 13
gltf A Haxe library for reading (and eventually, writing GLTF files. 13
headbutt GJK and EPA based collision detection and intersection calculation 4
todo.txt Native Haxe utility for reading and writing todo.txt format TODO lists. 4

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