Project Downloads
continuation Asynchronous programming in a natural multi-thread-like syntax, escaping from the callback hell. 1916
protoc-gen-haxe Protocol Buffers for Haxe 305
haxelib-run Print a haxelib library's path, name and version. 78
microbuilder-HUGS Haxe Unity Glue... stuff 36
json-stream-core json-stream-core 32
auto-parser auto-parser 29
hamu hamu 25
microbuilder-core microbuilder-core 24
json-stream json-stream 17
haxe-import-csv haxe-import-csv 15
github-sdk github-sdk 8
aws-ec2-instance-pool AWS EC2 instance pool 7
scala-haxe-util scala-haxe-util 7
microbuilder-js microbuilder-js 5