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pointwise Functional composition tools. Haxe 3.1.* required. 115
stx_addendum Typed transducers for Haxe 69
stx_tuple Unnamed, Immutable Tuples for Haxe. 69
stx_chunk like: Either,Error>>, the type of data in finite streams, amongst other things 54
arrowlets A library for (somewhat) pain free asynchronous programming 53
stx_maybe Low overhead Option 40
stx_async Additions to tink_core Future covering Promises and Vouch (Future 35
graph Definitions for graphs, identities and their travsersals, most used for entities. Sort of immutable design without tying the knot. 22
stx_vouch Future>. That is, a Promise with a typesafe null case 20
module A container that allows typed access to a collection of objects 18
stx_error Error collation by extending tink.core.Error. 17
stx_simplex Datastructure capable of modelling both folds and unfolds, or a simplex datachannel 12
stx_transducers Typed transducers for Haxe 10
stx_di Direct Injection based on code by nadako 9

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