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Detox - A cross-platform library for Haxe to make working with Xml and the DOM easy... similar to jQuery and friends, but works wherever Haxe works, in a more haxe-like way. 1.0.0 1676
Allows type-safe CSS-style selection on Xml objects. 0.5.2 1302
Simple and fast crossplatform HTML/XML parser with a jQuery-like find() method. Also, contains a helper class to XML creating. 3.3.0 1008
Xml to Haxe objects 0.2.0 207
Jabber/XMPP library 0.4.14 179
Easily convert haxe objects to XML, or convert XML to haxe objects. 0.0.4 86
XSPF/XML playlist format 1.1.0 67
Javascript externs for CK Editor, a browser based wysiwyg editor. These externs are functional for basic usage, but by no means complete. You are welcome to contribute via Github. 1.0.0-beta.1 52
Glory Framework is a page-based media framework built using [Haxe 3](, [OpenFL](, and [PureMVC]( It can be used for interactive e-books, adventure games, websites, or slide presentations on any target supported by OpenFL. It uses an XML configuration file to build the layout of each page, including placement and function of different controls. Each page can have its own custom class if desired. Glory also includes two Photoshop scripts which make it easy to rapidly convert a PSD layout into something that Glory can use. It can also use SVG files saved directly from Illustrator (not all types of object are supported). 1.2.0 23
XML Pull Parser API (adapted from 2.0.0 17
XML Pull Parser for Haxe (a port of KXML2) 0.3.0 17
CSS-Selector With a Modified Xml Parser(with the position info) 0.3.1 14