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Python inspired doc-testing for Haxe. Allows unit-testing based on test assertions in haxedoc. Integrates with Haxe Unit, MUnit and Tink Testrunner 1.1.3 4110
A haxelib for consistent cross-platform UTF-8 string manipulation. Contains comprehensive String utility functions, version parsing, spell checker, ANSI escape sequence builder, RandomUUID generator, thread-safe regular expression API, StringBuilder, SortedStringMap, SortedStringSet, camelcase string formatting, filepath normalizing and globbing (wildcards). 5.0.1 1450
A haxelib with cross-platform concurrency functions and classes (thread-pool, task executor/scheduler, re-entrant lock, semaphore, atomic int/bool, thread-safe collections/queues) 1.1.1 971
Haxe/hxcpp @:native bindings for LuaJIT. 0.0.2 20
Bindings for the Lua APIs of the ComputerCraft mod for Minecraft 1.0.2 7
Haxe bindings for Tarantool and more 0.0.2 6
Library for use LUA VM natively in haxe and loading lua plugins. 0.1.0 2
A haxelib for consistent cross-platform filesystem operations and proper Windows-/Unix-style path handling. Supports wildcard file searches (globbing). 1.1.0 0