yuidoc2haxe 1.5.5

Haxe extern classes generating tool. Use yuidoc's json as a source.

Released 2015-07-30.

To install, run:

haxelib install yuidoc2haxe 1.5.5

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version1.5.5
StatisticsInstalled 57 times



Haxe externs generating tool. Use yuidoc output as source. At this moment this tool used to convert createjs javascript libraries to haxe externs.


haxelib run yuidoc2haxe []


-src, --source                 Source yuidoc json file path. Default is 'out/data.json'.
-pprefix, --remove-path-prefix Source files path prefix to remove. Specify here base source directory (same as for yuidoc).
-tm, --type-map                Map basic types in form 'from-to'. For example: Boolean-Bool
--public-prefix                Write 'public' before class member declarations.
-ifile, --ignore-file          Path to source file to ignore.
-iclass, --ignore-class        Class name to ignore. Masks with '*' is supported.
-iitem, --ignore-items         Class member to ignore. Masks with '*' is supported.
-nd, --no-descriptions         Do not generate descriptions.
-np, --native-package          Native package for @:native meta.
-anp, --apply-native-package   Use native package specified by '-np' as haxe package and don't generate @:native meta.
--generate-deprecated          Generate deprecated classes/members.
-st, --specify-type            Specify method argument or return type. Example: DisplayObject.hitTest.x-Float
--no-new-line-on-bracket       Output code style. Generate '{' on the same line.
--less-spaces                  Output code style. Generate less spaces.
--sort-items                   Output code style. Sort items alphabetically.
--constructor-first            Output code style. Place constructor first.


#generate json by javascript sources
yuidoc -p -o out easeljs/src

#generate haxe externs by json
haxelib run yuidoc2haxe -src out/data.json --remove-path-prefix easeljs/src --native-package createjs --apply-native-package library