xpcom 1.4.0

Haxe wrapper for Mozilla XPCOM classes (for use in xul applications) and interfaces (javascript).

Released 2017-05-21.

To install, run:

haxelib install xpcom 1.4.0

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version1.4.0
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Haxe wrapper for Mozilla XPCOM classes and interfaces (for use in XUL applications).

Quick start

Just compile your haxe code to javascript with haxe and link result file to your .xul or .html. There are two methods to use XPCOM interfaces: create instance or get service. In the first case use static createInstance() interface's method. In the second case - getService() static method.


Show a system FilePicker dialog:

import xpcom.mozilla.interfaces.NsIFilePicker;
var fp = NsIFilePicker.createInstance(cast js.Browser.window.parent.window, "Select a file to open", NsIFilePicker.modeOpen);
fp.appendFilter("Text files", "*.txt");
if (fp.show() == NsIFilePicker.returnOK)

Read file content:

import xpcom.mozilla.interfaces.NsIConverterInputStream;
import xpcom.mozilla.interfaces.NsIFileInputStream;
import xpcom.mozilla.modules.FileUtils.File;
function getContent(filePath:String) : String 
	var r = "";
	var fstream = NsIFileInputStream.createInstance(new File(filePath), -1, 0, 0);
	var cstream = NsIConverterInputStream.createInstance(fstream, "UTF-8", 0, 0);
	var str = { value:"" };
	var read = 0;
	do { 
		read = cstream.readString(0xffffffff, str); // read as much as we can and put it in str.value
		r += str.value;
	} while (read != 0);
	return r;

Working with a system clipboard:

import xpcom.mozilla.interfaces.NsIClipboard;
import xpcom.mozilla.interfaces.NsIClipboardHelper;
import xpcom.mozilla.interfaces.NsITransferable;
import xpcom.mozilla.interfaces.NsISupports;
import xpcom.mozilla.interfaces.NsISupportsString;
// put string to clipboard
NsIClipboardHelper.getService().copyString("I want to put this string to the system clipboard.");

// get string from clipboard
var trans = NsITransferable.createInstance();
NsIClipboard.getService().getData(trans, NsIClipboard.kGlobalClipboard);
var dataStr : { value:NsISupports } = { value:null };
var dataStrLen = { value:0 };
trans.getTransferData("text/unicode", dataStr, dataStrLen);
var data = dataStr.value.QueryInterface(NsISupportsString).data;
trace("String from clipboard: " + data);