ufront-mvc 1.1.0

A full-featured MVC Framework for Neko, PHP, NodeJS and browser JS, that runs on both server and client.

Released 2015-12-12.

To install, run:

haxelib install ufront-mvc 1.1.0

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version1.1.0
StatisticsInstalled 7083 times



The ufront-mvc library is the core MVC framework used to handle web requests in Ufront. It provides:

  • Controllers - Respond to web requests (page visits, form submits etc.) - Return a response (a rendered view, some HTML, some JSON, a redirect, or anything else) - Interact with APIs, Sessions, Authentication and more via dependency injection.
  • Views - A flexible view engine that can work with any runtime templating system, including:

    - [haxe.Template](http://haxe.org/manual/std-template.html)
    - [erazor](https://github.com/ufront/erazor)
    - [hxtemplo](https://github.com/Simn/hxtemplo)
    - [hxdtl](https://github.com/ajukraine/hxdtl)
    - [mustache](https://github.com/TomahawX/Mustache.hx)
    • Easy to support compile-time templates like erazor, detox, tink and more.
  • APIs - Easy to set up APIs that interact easily with the rest of your app. - Work well with dependency injection - you can inject anything into them, and have them injected into a controller or another API. - Work seamlessly on the server, and are able to be used asynchronously client-side.
  • Other features - HTTP Sessions - Flexible authentication system - Low level access to the HttpContext - Automatic logging - to the server, to a file, to the browser console etc. - Easy to extend with Middleware, RequestHandlers, LogHandlers and ErrorHandlers. - Flexible caching implementations
  • Ufront MVC does not provide the "Model" in MVC - but take a look at ufront-orm.

See the main ufront repo or the ufront.net website for more information about Ufront.

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