ufront 1.0.0-rc.13

Ufront is a client/server web framework written in Haxe. This library contains links to common ufront libraries, and a command line tool to help you manage your ufront project.

Released 2015-02-14.

To install, run:

haxelib install ufront 1.0.0-rc.13

See using Haxelib in Haxe manual for more information.

Current version1.0.0-rc.13
StatisticsInstalled 1070 times
Tags cli, interactive, neko, shell, ufront, web



Ufront is a powerful MVC web framework for Haxe. It gives you quick development, shared code on the client and server, powerful extensibility, easy testing, and targets PHP or Neko on the server, and mostly JS (though anything is possible) on the client. A NodeJS target would be very feasible, and may be included in the future.

This is the mothership repo - most of the actual code is contained in the other ufront repos, such as ufront-mvc.


Installing from haxelib:

haxelib install ufront
sudo haxelib run ufront --setup

Using the latest git version:

haxelib git ufront git@github.com:ufront/ufront.git <specific branch or tag, if not master>
sudo haxelib run ufront --setup


The ufront haxelib includes dependencies to:

as well as other libraries which these are dependent on, such as thx and hxevents.

Using the ufront tool

haxelib run ufront

Or, if you ran the --setup command:


You then have this usage:

b, build               Build the current project 
s, server              Run a development server using "nekotools server" on 
i, shell               Run an interactive shell (ihx) and import your key 
                       project libraries and files  
t, task                Run one of the tasks defined in your project
u, unittests           Run the unit tests for your app
-h, --help             Show help message

In future, I would like to add:

n, create              Create a new ufront project, controller, model, API 
                       or view based on simple templates
c, configure           Configure the current project's settings 
d, documentation       Regenerate the documentation for your project
w, watch               Watch your project using `livehaxe` and compile when 
                       changes are found

Feel free to contribute!