To install, run:

haxelib install turnwing 0.1.1 

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.



Hackable localization library for Haxe


Type safety

Translation are done with interfaces. You will never mis-spell the translation key anymore.

// no more old style translator: 
// there is one and only one translation function and its type is String->Dynamic->String
// serveral things can go wrong here: wrong translation key, wrong param name, wrong param data type
loc.translate('hello', {name: 'World'}); 
loc.translate('orange', {number: 1});

// with turnwing, we have typed translators: 
// there are a number of user-defined functions and each one is typed specifically
loc.hello('World'); // String->String
loc.orange(1); // Int->String

Piece of mind

There is only one place where errors could happen, that is when the localization data is loaded.

This is because data are validated when they are loaded. The data provider does all the heavy lifting to make sure the loaded data includes all the needed translation keys and values. As a result, there is no chance for actual translation calls to fail.


Users can plug in different implementations at various part of the library. May it be a XmlProvider that parses XML into localization data, or a ErazorTemplate that uses the erazor templating engine to render the result.


import localize.*;

interface MyLocale {
	function hello(name:String):String;
	function orange(number:Int):String;

class Main {
	static function main() {
		var provider = /* choose one from localize.provider package or implements your own Provider */;
		var template = /* choose one from localize.template package or implements your own Template */;
		var loc = new Manager<MyLocale>(provider, template);
		loc.prepare(['en']).handle(function(o) switch o {
			case Success(_):
				// data prepared, we can now translate something
				var localizer = loc.language('en'); 
				$type(localizer); // MyLocale
				trace(localizer.hello('World')); // "Hello, World!"
				trace(localizer.orange(4)); // "There are 4 orange(s)!"
			case Failure(e):
				// something went wrong when fetching the localization data

// and your json data looks like this:
	"hello": "Hello, ::name::",
	"orange": "There are ::number:: orange(s)!"


JsonProvider is a data provider for JSON sources. Its data validation is powered by tink_json, which generates the validation code with macro at compile time, according the type information of the user-defined locale interface.

var reader = new FileReader(function(lang) return './data/$lang.json');
var provider = new JsonProvider<Data<MyLocale>>(reader);

To use it, install tink_json and include it as dependency in your project


HaxeTemplate is based on the one provided by Haxe's standard library (haxe.Template)

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