To install, run:

haxelib install tink_chunk 0.2.0 

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.


Tinkerbell Binary Chunks

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This library provides an abstraction for readonly binary data, that can be sliced and concatenated without copying the actual payload.

abstract Chunk {
  var length(get, never):Int;    
  function concat(that:Chunk):Chunk;
  function cursor():ChunkCursor;//see below
  function iterator():Iterator;
  function slice(from:Int, to:Int):Chunk;    
  function blitTo(target:Bytes, offset:Int):Void;
  static var EMPTY(default, null):Chunk;  
  //Some implicit conversions:
  @:to function toString():String;
  @:to function toBytes():Bytes;
  @:from static private function ofBytes(b:Bytes):Chunk;
  @:from static private function ofString(s:String):Chunk;
  //A few defitions for `&` to concatenate with other chunks but also strings and bytes
  @:op(a & b) static private function catChunk(a:Chunk, b:Chunk):Chunk;    
  @:op(a & b) static private function rcatString(a:Chunk, b:String):Chunk;
  @:op(a & b) static private function lcatString(a:String, b:Chunk):Chunk;
  @:op(a & b) static private function lcatBytes(a:Bytes, b:Chunk):Chunk;
  @:op(a & b) static private function rcatBytes(a:Chunk, b:Bytes):Chunk; 

class ChunkCursor {
  var length(default, null):Int;
  var currentPos(default, null):Int;
  var currentByte(default, null):Int;
  function next():Bool;

The cursor is not unlike a normal iterator. It's API will however be expanded for seeking and other niceties. To iterate over just a part of a chunk just grab the slice you need first and then create a cursor or iterator.

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