Standard library improvements: exceptions, string triming with a trimed chars specified, min/max for integers and so on.

To install, run:

haxelib install stdlib 2.2.2 

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

stdlib haxe library

Light library with a basic stuff: events, dumps, regexps, exceptions, uuids.

stdlib.Std class

This class extends standard Std.

Std.parseInt(s, defaultValue)
Std.parseFloat(s, defaultValue)
Std.bool(v)           // return *true* except *v* is: false, null, 0, "", "0", "false", "off", "null"
Std.parseValue(s)     // return Bool, Int, Float or String
Std.hash(obj)         // make a map from object fields
Std.min(a, b)         // min for Int
Std.max(a, b)         // max for Int
Std.sign(f)           // return -1.0 / 0.0 / +1.0

stdlib.StringTools class

This class extends standard StringTools.

StringTools.ltrim(s, chars)
StringTools.rtrim(s, chars)
StringTools.trim(s, chars)
StringTools.addcslashes(s) // like addcslashes in php

stdlib.Exception class

   if (isBad1) throw new Exception("smart exception"); // guarantees you to have a call stack in the catch
   if (isBad2) throw "native exception";
catch (e:Dynamic)

stdlib.Event class

// define event with args a and b
var click = new Event<{ a:Int, b:String }>(this); // target = this

// attach handler
click.bind(function(target:Dynamic, e:{ a:Int, b:String })
    // handler code

// fire event{ a:10, b:"xyz" });

stdlib.Regex class

Full-form regex support like /search/replacement/flags. Substitutions $0-$9 in replacement are also supported.

var re = new Regex("/a(.)/$1z/g");
trace(re.replace("3ab4")); // output is: 3bz4
  • Note 1: flag "g" is always exists, so you can omit it.
  • Note 2: you can use nonestandard flag "r" to repeat search&replace while string changed.
  • Note 3: you can specify additional "except" part at the end: /a.c/123/g/a([xy])c - will replace "abc" to "123", but not "axc" or "ayc".
  • Note 4: change characters case is also supported (use $vN and $^N): /(.)b/$^1b/g - will replace "ab" to "Ab".
  • Note 5: you can use other delimiter than "/": new Regex("#abc#def#g").

stdlib.Utf8 class

This class extends standard haxe.Utf8.

Utf8.replace(text, from, to)
Utf8.htmlEscape(s, chars)

var buf = new Utf8();

stdlib.Uuid class

Safe generation of the unique IDs. On sys platforms IP+time+random is used. On the none-sys: counter+time+random.

var s = Uuid.newUuid();

stdlib.Debug class

Debug.assert(condition, message); // throw exception if condition is false

trace(Debug.getDump(obj)); // dump obj

stdlib.Lambda module

Use this module through "using" to get all bonuses: standard Lambda and additional methods:

using stdlib.Lambda;

arr.insertRange(pos, arr2)      // insert many items into specified position
arr.extract(item->Bool)         // remove items from array by predicate and return them

iterable.findIndex(item->Bool)  // find item index by predicate (from start)
iterable.sorted(?cmpFunc)       // return sorted array by the iterable (if `cmpFunc` is not specified then `` will be used)



A macro to support classic abstract classes. Example:

class MyBaseClass implements stdlib.AbstractClass
	function new() {} // private constructor to prevent class instantiating
	public function f() : Void; // no body!

class MyClass extends MyBaseClass
	public function new() super(); // allow class instantiating
	override public function f()
		// method implementataion

stdlib.Http class

This class extends standard haxe.Http.

http.addFile(...) // like fileTransfer(), but can be called many times to add many files

Timer class

This class extends standard haxe.Timer.

Timer.delayAsync(1000).then(function(_) trace("Wake up!"));
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