samcodes-chartboost 1.0.9

Unofficial Chartboost ads support for Android and iOS

Released 2017-02-05.

To install, run:

haxelib install samcodes-chartboost 1.0.9

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version1.0.9
StatisticsInstalled 194 times
Tags ads, android, chartboost, interstitials, ios

Haxe Chartboost

Unofficial Chartboost ads library support for OpenFL Android/iOS targets.


Supports: Static and video interstitials. More apps panels. Rewarded videos. Caching and custom ad locations. * Customizable listener for reacting to all SDK events.

Doesn't support: Chartboost InPlay type ads. Chartboost Analytics. * Age gates.

If there is something you would like adding let me know. Pull requests welcomed too!


haxelib install samcodes-chartboost


See the demo app for a complete example using a custom listener:

Screenshot of demo app

Screenshot of demo app


Include the haxelib through Project.xml:

<haxelib name="samcodes-chartboost" />

For Android also set your app identifier and signature:

<setenv name="ChartboostAppId" value="your_app_id" />
<setenv name="ChartboostAppSignature" value="your_app_signature" />

For iOS pass the app identifier and signature via the init call:

Chartboost.init("your_app_id", "your_app_signature");
// Basic usage
Chartboost.setListener(new MyChartboostListener(listener)); // Attach your own extended ChartboostListener to handle/respond to SDK events like 'shouldDisplayInterstitial', 'didDismissInterstitial' etc.

Chartboost.cacheInterstitial("mylocation"); // Cache an interstitial at 'mylocation'. Locations are added to the Chartboost dashboard automatically.

Chartboost.showInterstitial("mylocation"); // Show an interstitial at 'mylocation'. Will display faster if previously cached (check Chartboost.hasInterstitial()).

// And so on...


If in doubt, refer to the official Chartboost documentation.

Use `#if (androidios)` conditionals around your imports and calls to this library for cross platform projects, as there is no stub/fallback implementation included in the haxelib.

For iOS you need to drag your `libChartboost.a` into the "link binaries with libraries" section under the "build phases" tab in Xcode.

If you need to rebuild the iOS or simulator ndlls navigate to `/project and run`.