redux-connect 0.0.1

@:connect support for haxe-redux

Released 2018-03-12.

To install, run:

haxelib install redux-connect 0.0.1

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version0.0.1
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Haxe Redux Connect

A shorthand for react-redux connect(...) to transform a ReactComponent into a self-wrapping Higher-Order component.

This is a library meant to work with haxe-react and haxe-redux, adding support for @:connect meta on react components, as the @connect decorator of react-redux. Note that typing is not checked here; however react-redux does some checks at runtime.

ReactRedux extern is temporarily included, but will be removed once included in haxe-redux.



Using haxelib: haxelib install redux-connect

@:connect without params

If you do not provide params to the connect meta, a macro will loop through your fields to find static fields named mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps, mergeProps or options and use those it found.

class MyComponent extends ReactComponentOfProps<Props>
	static function mapDispatchToProps(dispatch:Dispatch):Props
		return {
			onClick: function() return dispatch(Actions.Click)

	override public function render()
		return jsx('
			<button onClick=${props.onClick} />

Providing params

You can use any function instead of your own static fields.

@:connect(null, Helpers.myMapDispatchToProps)
class MyComponent extends ReactComponentOfProps<Props> {}

Or even declare your function inline, if you're into this:

@:connect(null, function(dispatch:Dispatch) return {onClick: function() return dispatch(Actions.Click))
class MyComponent extends ReactComponentOfProps<Props> {}

Please note that you must respect the order of arguments of ReactRedux.connect(), so you must pass null as first argument if you only want to define mapDispatchToProps, for example.