react-redux-form 0.1.0

React Redux Form externs

Released 2018-05-02.

To install, run:

haxelib install react-redux-form 0.1.0

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version0.1.0
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Haxe React Redux Form

A Haxe library offering externs for the React Redux Form library.

React Redux Form is a collection of reducer creators and action creators that make implementing even the most complex and custom forms with React and Redux simple and performant.

HRRF 0.1.x: Focus on local forms

The first release of this library focuses on local forms, and leaves out the following APIs: modelReducer, formReducer, combineForms, createForms and action creators.

The plan it to make it work seamlessly with haxe-redux, which may not be the case out of the box.