pixi-flump-runtime 0.4.1

A Flump runtime for Pixi.js. See examples for usage.

Released 2017-10-29.

To install, run:

haxelib install pixi-flump-runtime 0.4.1

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version0.4.1
StatisticsInstalled 262 times


What is Flump?

Flump is a Flash animation exporter that converts Sprites and nested MovieClip animations. It converts your graphics to sprite atlases along with an xml file that describes library and keyframe information.

What is Pixi Flump Runtime?

Pixi Flump Runtime is a library built for Pixi.js to support animation exported from Flump. It is built with Haxe and works for both Haxe and Javascript projects.


  • Sprites
  • MovieClips (nested timelines!)
  • Frame labels with events
  • Pivot data
  • Multi resolution support (currently experimental)
  • Familiar and easy API
  • Documentation (better documentation coming soon)

Download Flump

New Features

pixi-flump-runtime supports additional features from Flump+ : - mask - tint - base class - custom data

More info on these new features: https://github.com/mathieuanthoine/flump/blob/master/README.md

Download Flump+


The examples demonstrate the usage. In order to view the examples locally, ensure that you run your HTTP Server on the project root (pixi-flump-runtime).

View the dog example
View the monster example


See the wiki for the complete api.