objectinit 1.3.0

A simple macro to make initialising objects much easier: `new User().init({ name:'Jason', age:27, likes:['haxe','macros'] })`. It's type safe!

Released 2015-07-29.

To install, run:

haxelib install objectinit 1.3.0

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version1.3.0
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A very simple Haxe macro for helping to initialise objects with lots of properties, without writing giant constructors.


A helper utility to initialize variables on objects without giant setters/getters.

An example, using a pretend model Project:

using ObjectInit;

// Writing one of these:
var p = new Project().init({ name:"ObjectInit", downloads:1000000, tags:["macro","helper"] });
var p = new Project().init( name="ObjectInit", downloads=1000000, tags=["macro","helper"] );

// Is the same as writing:
var p = new Project();
p.name = "ObjectInit";
p.downloads = 1000000;
p.tags = ["macro","helper"];

// You can even use it in a function call:
uploadProject( new Project().init({ name:"ObjectInit", downloads:1000000, tags:["macro","helper"] }) );
uploadProject( new Project().init(name="ObjectInit", downloads=1000000, tags=["macro","helper"]) );

// If you have local variables with the same name as the target property, you can just use the variable name:
var name = "ObjectInit";
var downloads = 1000000;
var tags = ["macro","helper"];
var p = new Project().init( name, downloads, tags );

// Or like this:
function addProject( name:String, downloads:Int, tags:Array<String> ) {
	return new Project().init( name, downloads, tags ).save();

It runs as a macro, so it's type safe. In the example above, new Project().init({ downloads:"not-a-number" }) would fail to compile, because of the incorrect type.

Quoted field names

Quoted field names are not supported.

For example:

var p = new Project().init({
	"name": "ObjectInit", // Error: Project has no field @$__hx__name
	"downloads": 1000000, // Error: Project has no field @$__hx__downloads
	"tags": ["macro","helper"] // Error: Project has no field @$__hx__tags

See Haxe Issue 2642 for details.

Naming conflicts

If your object already has a method called init(), then you can use the initObject or objectInit alias instead:

new Project().initObject( ... );
new Project().objectInit( ... );

In the unlikely event that all three names are taken, you could do:

ObjectInit.init( new Project(), { ... } );


haxelib install objectinit


Code released into the Public Domain.

Contributions welcome.