An expanded library for Haxe that brings many of the best parts of C# along.

To install, run:

haxelib install noor 0.2.0 

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.



Build status

Noor brings the best parts of working in C# to Haxe. The roadmap includes:

  • LINQ-like lambdas for collections
  • Common string methods: StartsWith, EndsWith, and more
  • Container methods that return true/false instead of indexOf(x) > -1
  • And more!

Noor is currently under active development. To consume it as a libray, use haxlib git noor


Noor provides a basic Exception class with a configurable message. Throw it, or extend it to expose more specific exceptions (eg. NotImplementedException).

public function divide(a:Int, b:Int) {
    if (b == 0) {
        throw new Exception("Can't divide by zero.");


class DivideByZeroException extends noor.Exception
    public function new() { super("Can't divide by zero."); }

throw new DivideByZeroException();

FileSystem extensions

Noor extends sys.FileSystem with several helpers. To use them, specify using, then call them from FileSystem as normal.

  • FileSystem.copyDirectoryRecursively(source, destination): Creates the destination directory and copies source into it recursively.
  • FileSystem.deleteDirectoryRecursively(directory): Deletes directory and all files/subfolders recursively
  • FileSystem.ensureDirectoryExists(directory): Throws an exception if directory doesn't exist
  • FileSystem.getFiles(directory): Get all files (not directories) on a given path. Not recursive.
  • FileSystem.getFiles(directory): Get all files (not directories) on a given path, recursively.
  • FileSystem.recreateDirectory(directory): Deletes and re-creates directory if it exists; creates it if it doesn't exist

Math extensions

using noor.MathExtensions;

var n:Int = Math.randomBetween(10, 20); // 10 <= n < 20


Noor exposes a getUrlParameters method that returns a map of key/value pairs (Map<String, Dynamic>). This provides a way to access URL parameters across Neko, Flash, and Javascript.

eg. with a URL like index.html?a=true&b=hello%20there!&c=71, getUrlParameters returns { a => true, b => "hello there!", c => 71 }

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