nodeunit 0.0.2

Small nodeunit wrapper for haxe

Released 2014-12-01.

To install, run:

haxelib install nodeunit 0.0.2

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version0.0.2
StatisticsInstalled 299 times
Tags node.js, nodejs, nodeunit, testing, unittest


This is a haxe wrapper for generating nodeunit compatible unit tests.


I have uploaded haxe-nodeunit on haxelib. To install, type the following command in shell:

haxelib install nodeunit

I would also recommend using the continuation haxelib.

haxelib install continuation

The easiest way to get running is to install nodeunit globally

npm install -g nodeunit

And install source-map-support wherever you'll run your tests from

cd example && npm install source-map-support

Then you can run test like this

cd example && haxe build.hxml && nodeunit test.js