nodegen 1.0.1

Tool to generate nodejs module from haxe sources.

Released 2017-08-01.

To install, run:

haxelib install nodegen 1.0.1

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version1.0.1
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Tool to generate nodejs module from haxe


  • index.js - result of the compilation
  • index.d.ts - definitions file for using module from TypeScript
  • haxe externals - "extern" classes for using module from Haxe


haxelib run nodegen [<options>] <package> <module> [ -- <haxe_compiler_options> ]

where <options> may be:

--no-haxe        Don't generate haxe externals.
--no-typescript  Don't generate typescript definitions.
--ignore-hxproj  Don't read haxe options from hxproj file. Default is read *.hxproj from the current directory if exactly one exists.
--dest-directory Destination directory. Default is 'hxnodejs'.
--raw-module     Haxe module name to copy to haxe externals as is. You can use this option several times.
<package>        Source haxe package to expose.
<module>         Result nodejs module name.

Tool read *.hxproj from the current directory and use classpaths and libraries from it. If you don't use HaxeDevelop/FlashDevelop - just specify -cp and -lib haxe compiler options in <haxe_compiler_options> agrument.


haxelib run nodegen wquery hxnodejs-wquery --raw-module wquery.Macro -- -lib hant -cp src