Haxelib which downloads node-webkit binary for your platform and keeps it updated

To install, run:

haxelib install node-webkit 1.0.7 

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.


Haxelib which downloads node-webkit binary for your platform and makes it accessible via haxelib run node-webkit path/to/index.html

Installation using haxelib

` bash haxelib install node-webkit

### Using version from github:
``` bash
haxelib git node-webkit

How to use:

haxelib run node-webkit path/to/index.html is equvalent to nw path/to/index.html

NOTE: Currently tested only on Windows, needs some tuning for Linux/Mac.

On first use it should automatically download latest version of node-webkit.

Autoupdate system

node-webkit-haxelib should check latest version for node-webkit binary automatically each 7 days. It checks for updates when you run it.

You can disable/enable autoupdate system(enabled by default) using these command line arguments haxelib run node-webkit autoupdate false Disables autoupdate system. haxelib run node-webkit autoupdate true Enables autoupdate system.

How to update node-webkit binary

Also you can manually update node-webkit binary to the latest version using this command: haxelib run node-webkit setup

How it works:

How node-webkit haxelib works

node-webkit-haxelib heavily uses many helpers and classes from lime-tools(

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