Neko smart NDLL finder

To install, run:

haxelib install ndllfinder 1.1.1 

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.


ndllfinder haxe/neko library

The problem of the standard neko.Lib.load() is a bad library path detection in some cases. For example, if ndll loaded from neko.Web.cache() method then the relative paths specified by NEKOPATH became unexpected. Just compile your project with this library to use the smart searching of the ndll files during neko.Lib.load() and neko.Lib.loadLazy().

CAUTION: this library override neko.Lib class, so it may be incompatible with libraries which do the same thing.

Fixed neko.Lib.load("myModule", ..., ...) check next paths (example for Windows platform):

  1. FOLDER_OF_CURRENT_MODULE / myModule-windows.ndll
  2. FOLDER_OF_CURRENT_MODULE / ndll / Windows / myModule.ndll
  3. NEKOPATH / myModule.ndll

ndllfinder library was tested in the next situations:

  • neko test.n - run *.n via neko
  • test.exe - run *.exe produced by nekotools boot test.n
  • http://site/test.n - mod_neko / without neko.Web.cache()
  • http://site/test.n - mod_neko / with neko.Web.cache()
1 year ago

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