livehaxe 0.1.0

LiveHaxe - a tool to monitor your project for changes and automatically recompile when changes are detected.

Released 2014-01-15.

To install, run:

haxelib install livehaxe 0.1.0

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version0.1.0
StatisticsInstalled 61 times


Automatic compiler for Haxe and other tools. Monitors the files in your project and regen the output whenever it detects a change.

Currently tested on Ubuntu and OSX, not tested on Windows.


haxelib install livehaxe

Compiling Haxe

To launch livehaxe just execute the following command from your terminal (not tested on Windows):

haxelib run livehaxe -haxe build.hxml

Livehaxe will start the haxe compiler in server mode, scan all the -cp contained in your hxml and update your build whenever one of the .hx files in your project is modified.

Compiling Less

Livehaxe can also be used to compile LESS files, just add:

-less src.less dst.css


If you would like to display a replacement page, you can add

-errorpage out/index.html

This will place a HTML file in "out/index.html" while the build is running, which will refresh automatically until the build is finished. If the build fails, it will update the html file with a list of errors. If the build succeeds, the html page will be removed.

Multiple hxml and LESS files can be monitored at once.