A foundational Haxe framework for cross-platform development

To install, run:

haxelib install lime 6.4.0 

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

6.4.0 (06/01/2018)

  • Updated NPM dependency to file-saver from file-saverjs
  • Updated Android ARMv7 builds to use armeabi-v7a instead of armeabi-v7
  • Added (Beta) support for electron (html5 -electron) target
  • Added window.onExpose event (useful when not rendering every frame)
  • Added raspberrypi or rpi as a target alias
  • Improved Locale to better handle en_US-en style strings
  • Improved handling of iOS locale values
  • Improved support for current Xcode versions by using an .entitlements file
  • Improved support for mouse "release outside" behavior on HTML5
  • Improved support for current Raspberry Pi OpenGL/EGL libraries
  • Improved Android Gradle template to include Maven for native extensions
  • Improved error handling when a library handler does not execute properly
  • Fixed crash in ObjectPool when setting initial size
  • Fixed setting powerOfTwo = true for an ImageBuffer with a canvas source
  • Fixed SWF font generation to limit kerning values to the SWF spec maximum
  • Fixed some cases where HOME environment variable might return null

6.3.1 (05/11/2018)

  • Improved support for *.bundle libraries within an asset folder
  • Improved the output of lime help
  • Fixed the behavior of <define /> to behave like <haxedef /> + <set />

6.3.0 (05/04/2018)

  • Updated SDL to 2.0.8
  • Updated howler.js to 2.0.9
  • Updated Android NDK platform to a minimum of API 14
  • Updated macOS minimum support version to 10.9
  • Added support for -D foo in addition to -Dfoo
  • Added support for -- in addition to -args for runtime arguments
  • Added catching of key/value runtime arguments as window.config.parameters
  • Added support for --window- flags at runtime on Lime applications
  • Added a workaround to fix memory leaks in Apple's OpenAL implementation
  • Added initial HTML5 accelerometer sensor support
  • Added support for exporting multiple iOS IPA types when using lime deploy
  • Added ENHANCED profile to AIR extern types
  • Improved the behavior of lime setup
  • Improved the output of lime help
  • Improved failed sound loading on HTML5 to print a runtime warning
  • Improved support for multiple threads in OpenAL, Cairo and cURL GC
  • Improved the generation of webfonts to ignore non-essential formats
  • Improved behavior when calling closure compiler to minify JS
  • Improved openfl.Vector to typed array conversion to support OpenFL 8
  • Improved Assets.getPath to return the first path if using a path group
  • Improved support for KHR_debug in OpenGL
  • Improved handling of errors within OpenAL generation of sources and buffers
  • Improved window focus mouse clicks to still fire an event
  • Improvde handling of disposed native AudioSource objects
  • Improved support for opening files with spaces in the path
  • Improved the Gradle template to use jcenter instead of maven for dependencies
  • Fixed detection of font family names on some Android 4.x devices
  • Fixed support for -dce full with embed=true assets on native
  • Fixed a small memory leak in Zlib compress
  • Fixed a small memory leak when using cURL request headers
  • Fixed a small memory leak in gamepad.guid
  • Fixed support for a software fallback when GL support is too old
  • Fixed a regression in support for static desktop builds
  • Fixed a possible garbage collection issue in cURL support
  • Fixed calling UTF8String.substr() internally without a length field
  • Fixed request of keyboard input on WebKit when in fullscreen
  • Fixed a possible issue when building on macOS with spaces in the Lime directory
  • Fixed the behavior of embed="false" assets on HTML5
  • Fixed a possible race condition in -Dsimulate-preloader on Flash target
  • Fixed support for additional iOS icon sizes
  • Fixed fullscreen text input on WebKit browsers
  • Fixed an issue using Image.fromBase64 in ES6/NPM-based builds
  • Fixed disabling of vsync on native targets when not desired

6.2.0 (02/16/2018)

  • Added new implementation of Font.renderGlyphs for native platforms
  • Added generation of font metrics for embedded HTML5 fonts
  • Improved support for ANGLE builds on Windows
  • Improved accuracy of file seeking in streaming OGG Vorbis sounds on native
  • Fixed regression in renderer.readPixels when using an OpenGL renderer
  • Fixed addition of an empty character when using arrow keys on HTML5 text input
  • Fixed fallback for OpenGL ES 2.0 on older iOS devices when 3.0 is not available
  • Fixed using environment variables to define the path to the Emscripten SDK
  • Fixed letting the user focus outside a Lime embed when text input is enabled
  • Fixed to require FileSaver.js when using CommonJS

6.1.0 (02/07/2018)

  • Added OpenGL ES 3.0 support on iOS
  • Added System.deviceVendor and System.deviceModel
  • Added System.platformLabel, .platformName and .platformVersion
  • Added support for <config:html5 dependency-path="lib" />
  • Added support for <config:air sdk-version="25.0" />
  • Improved garbage collection behavior in
  • Improved performance when requesting static System values repeatedly
  • Improved Xcode template for iPhone X and Xcode 9.2
  • Renamed -Dmodular to -Dlime-modular (to allow for using lib modular)
  • Fixed a possible crash in ImageDataUtil.gaussianBlur
  • Fixed an iOS template path for "haxe/Build.hxml"
  • Fixed an issue when setting volume in HTML5 before playback starts
  • Fixed default framebuffer binding when using iOS simulator
  • Fixed support for properly detecting MP3 format in some files
  • Fixed support for builds on macOS/Linux when $HOME variable is not present
  • Fixed crash in continuous-testing when no window can be initialized

6.0.1 (01/16/2018)

  • Minor fix for haxelib run openfl setup command-line alias installation

6.0.0 (01/15/2018)

  • Added -watch for simple *.hx file watching support on commands
  • Added support for OpenAL effects extension where available
  • Added support for forcing a WebGL 1 context at runtime
  • Added support for defining an HTML5 DOM renderer at runtime
  • Added support for automatic iOS device provisioning and registration
  • Added improved support for CommonJS output
  • Improved support for the haxe-modular library
  • Improved support for haxelibs that define classPath in haxelib.json
  • Improved performance of image.copyPixels on HTML5 when image is not a canvas
  • Improved use of external libraries when using CommonJS
  • Improved the quality of locale values returned on Windows
  • Improved handling of null responses in HTTPRequest
  • Improved ObjectPool to not use generics on HTML5 for better file size
  • Fixed issues preventing compilation of tools for Node.js
  • Fixed use of rootPath when loading packed asset libraries
  • Fixed launch image sizes for iPhone X
  • Fixed support for -Dnocffi when compiling CLI tools
  • Fixed a possible range error in DataPointer
  • Fixed a minor debug message when HXCPP "std" is statically linked

5.9.1 (11/30/2017)

  • Updated howler.js with minor fixes for IE11 and Firefox browsers

5.9.0 (11/29/2017)

  • Added support for {{variable}} substitution in template file/folder names
  • Added support for packed asset libraries, with optional compression
  • Added initial support for Adobe native extensions (ANE) for AIR
  • Added -Dlime-default-timeout to override the default HTTPRequest timeout
  • Added a prompt for keystore password on Android if no password is provided
  • Added a hint to request a discrete GPU on dual-GPU Windows systems
  • Added a general "ios/template" template path for copying additional files
  • Added ability to export iOS -archive on build
  • Added ability to lime deploy ios and output IPA for store or ad-hoc
  • Improved -verbose to be ignored by default on lime display for IDEs
  • Improved iOS launch image list to support iPhone X fullscreen resolution
  • Improved CSS font generation to skip formats that are not able to convert
  • Improved the behavior of <window resizable="false" /> on HTML5
  • Fixed handling of HTTP status 0 as an error when not running on Tizen HTML5
  • Fixed an issue with ContextMenuItem/NativeContextMenuItem for Flash/AIR
  • Fixed the AIR target install folder if <meta company="" /> is empty
  • Fixed reference to the EMSCRIPTEN_SDK when targeting Emscripten/WebAssembly
  • Fixed an issue with double playing of sound on Firefox using howler.js
  • Fixed a possible error in some web browsers when reloading the current page
  • Fixed handling of the newer iOS simulator and file extensions for AIR builds
  • Fixed return to Android fullscreen when dismissing an on-screen keyboard
  • Fixed a minor naming issue when using newer HXCPP and MSVC for static builds
  • Fixed setting of "ios" and "android" project values when using AIR iOS/Android
  • Fixed handling of Haxe version output with newer Haxe development build

5.8.2 (11/10/2017)

  • Updated cURL to 7.56.1 and changed SSL library from axTLS to mbedTLS
  • Updated howler.js to 2.0.5, FileSaver.js to 1.3.3
  • Added -Dcurl-verbose for additional cURL debug info in native HTTPRequest
  • Improved support for <window color-depth="32" /> on HTML5 target
  • Improved renderer.readPixels on native platforms to allow transparency
  • Fixed the behavior of <asset path="Assets" library="default" />

5.8.1 (11/06/2017)

  • Added support for AudioBuffer.fromBytes on HTML5
  • Added initial support for on HTML5 (using FileSaver.js)
  • Added initial support for native extensions on the Adobe AIR target
  • Improved the behavior of missing webfonts to no longer crash a web application
  • Improved window.onClose to be cancelable on HTML5
  • Improved tools to print warning for unrecognized <asset type="" /> values
  • Fixed support for Adobe AIR where nativeWindow is null

5.8.0 (10/24/2017)

  • Added httpRequest.withCredentials for sending cookies with web requests
  • Added initial support for Touch.onCancel events
  • Restored false as the default httpRequest.enableResponseHeaders value
  • Improved image loading to better support progress events on some browsers
  • Improved support for HTTPRequest headers on native platforms
  • Improved the handling of lime.utils.Log output on web browsers
  • Improved lime.utils.ObjectPool to allow abstract types
  • Improved AIR builds to support the <certificate /> tag for signing
  • Improved the default window size for AIR output for mobile platforms
  • Improved AIR template to respect <window allow-high-dpi="" /> for iOS
  • Improved AIR template to support additional icon sizes for mobile
  • Fixed the behavior of tailing the trace log on Windows/Flash target
  • Fixed HTML5 "same origin" calculation for CORS requests
  • Fixed return to Android fullscreen after losing window focus
  • Fixed support for ANDROID_GRADLE_TASK with command-line arguments
  • Fixed support for relative provisioning profile paths for AIR target

5.7.1 (10/12/2017)

  • Updated default MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET on macOS to 10.7
  • Improved native HTTPRequest to complete as error if response status is error
  • Fixed HTTPRequest to treat HTTP status code 400 as an error

5.7.0 (10/10/2017)

  • Updated Freetype to 2.7.1, compiled with Harfbuzz/PNG support enabled
  • Added initial Adobe AIR backend support for multiple windows, alerts, etc
  • Added threadPool.onRun to be notified when work is about to be run
  • Added ModuleHelper.addModuleSource to improve JS modules from HXP projects
  • Added initial Dockerfile script
  • Added a polyfill for to restore iPhone 4 HTML5 support
  • Improved Raspberry Pi support by adding "Escape" as a default key to exit
  • Improved support for non-premultiplied alpha in imageDataUtil.gaussianBlur
  • Improved native HTTPRequest to size bytes initially based on Content-Length
  • Improved support for Xcode 9.1
  • Improved support for combined characters in TextLayout
  • Fixed setting of MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET on macOS
  • Fixed support for resolving iOS provisioning profiles for AIR/iOS on Windows
  • Fixed the addition of the HTML5 default cache break string for assets
  • Fixed default asset type assignment for files with upper-case file extensions
  • Fixed support for Raspberry Pi
  • Fixed threadPool.onProgress to dispatch in the proper foreground thread
  • Fixed native HTTPRequest to calculate timeout from when requests run

5.6.0 (09/26/2017)

  • Added lime.system.FileWatcher for notifications of file events
  • Added support for color output on the Windows 10 standard command prompt
  • Added support for lime config NAME VALUE to add/set config values
  • Added initial template support for lime test winjs for HTML5/UWP support
  • Updated to match current official version
  • Improved key events to always set the key modifier on alt/ctrl/shift key press
  • Improved support for Adobe AIR iOS and Android builds
  • Improved Android builds to minimize to background on back button and not exit
  • Improved Linux target to build without HXCPP liblinuxcompat.a
  • Improved support for setting -dce on the command-line
  • Fixed support for setting --window-minimized, maximized and hidden using CLI
  • Fixed escaping of spaces in Windows paths
  • Fixed the behavior of image.copyPixels using an alpha image
  • Fixed the class path order when embedding Flash assets in certain conditions
  • Fixed support for Tizen HTML5 applications
  • Fixed progress event update on HTML5 HTTPRequest uploads
  • Fixed ImageHelper.resizeImage to properly handle null parameters

5.5.0 (09/12/2017)

  • Added an instance-based API for cURL (such as new CURL ())
  • Added <config:ios non-exempt-encryption="true" /> setting value
  • Added generation of source map when minifying HTML5 on debug
  • Deprecated in favor of CURL
  • Updated tinyfiledialogs to 2.9.3
  • Updated bundled Google Closure Compiler to v20170806
  • Improved the functionality of System.endianness
  • Improved Adobe AIR deploy command to generate a *.bundle file
  • Improved the behavior of native HTTPRequest for better memory management
  • Fixed endianness issues in image.setPixels
  • Fixed support for image.copyPixels using alpha image and offset point
  • Fixed support for newer HXCPP, including dynamic libs only on Haxe 3.2.1
  • Fixed ability to exclude default architectures on builds
  • Fixed support for <window fullscreen="false" /> on Android
  • Fixed minor issues caused by detecting some AWD files as text

5.4.0 (08/25/2017)

  • Added tooling for Adobe AIR (lime test air, lime test windows -air, etc)
  • Added externs for Adobe AIR classes and types
  • Added <haxelib repository="" /> for choosing a custom haxelib repository path
  • Added OpenGL ES 3 API support (currently enabled on Linux and Emscripten)
  • Added support for setting HAXELIB_PATH environment variable in projects
  • Changed the output directory to not include the build type by default
  • Improved HTML5 to default images to canvas, not a typed array
  • Improved HXP to handle -nocolor, -verbose and other compile flags
  • Improved HXP to be able to update environment variables for build process
  • Fixed tvOS target to use <config:tvos provisioning-profile="" />
  • Fixed Android builds when using an Android SDK older than API 23
  • Fixed an issue when running command-line tools from a root directory
  • Fixed UTF-8 charCodeAt when index is out of range
  • Fixed the strength property of ImageDataUtils.gaussianBlur

5.3.0 (07/31/2017)

  • Added support for WebAssembly (emscripten -webassembly or -wasm)
  • Added lime -version for simpler Lime version output
  • Added @:compiler to add extra compiler arguments to HXP projects
  • Updated howler.js to 2.0.4, plus an additional Firefox WebAudio patch
  • Improved support for using Lime in local .haxelib directories
  • Improved detection of default asset type in command-line tools
  • Improved support for HTML5 -Dmodular builds
  • Improved handling of error messages from howler.js
  • Fixed support for asset libraries in Emscripten/WebAssembly target
  • Fixed lime create extension to preserve ANDROID_GRADLE_PLUGIN variable
  • Fixed support for preloading fonts on Safari

5.2.1 (06/21/2017)

  • Improved HTTPRequest with default "Content-Type" headers when sending data
  • Fixed case where HTML5 could preload sounds twice, unintentionally
  • Fixed support for compiling HTML5 -Dmodular builds

5.2.0 (06/20/2017)

  • Added ability to override the target output directory
  • Added Assets.hasLibrary to check if a given library is registered
  • Improved webfonts to cache upon generation and not save in asset directory
  • Updated JavaScript timers to use instead of new Date()
  • Fixed support for *.bundle directories which include "include.xml"
  • Fixed AssetLibrary to preload non-embedded assets if set to preload
  • Fixed an issue when converting non-String values to UTF8String
  • Fixed an issue with Node http-server resolving properly to localhost
  • Fixed support for lime test linux -32 on 64-bit systems

5.1.0 (06/07/2017)

  • Added lime.text.UTF8String with unifill for handling UTF-8 text
  • Added support for Clipboard.onUpdate on native and HTML5
  • Added initial support for HTML5 fullscreen
  • Added initial support for window.setIcon and window.title on HTML5
  • Added support for 32-bit GL color depth on native platforms
  • Added support for making 64-bit Windows builds
  • Added support for automatically detecting latest Android build tools
  • Added support for setting <config:android build-tools-version="" />
  • Added support for <config:ios allow-insecure-http="" />
  • Added support for <config:android gradle-build-directory="" />
  • Updated Node http-server to version 0.10.0
  • Improved handling of crossOrigin requests on HTML5 for same-origin
  • Improved the accuracy of image.copyPixels when using alpha image
  • Improved performance of ObjectPool when constantly recycling objects
  • Improved image.setPixels to accept bytes and offset
  • Improved performance of creating a new Image with no fill color
  • Fixed issue with OpenAL GC
  • Fixed loading of some WAV files
  • Fixed minor issues in using output of lime display for code completion
  • Fixed semi-transparent fillRect on canvas-based Image
  • Fixed minor issues with cURL

5.0.3 (05/24/2017)

  • Reverted inclusion of custom haxelib build in Lime tools
  • Support for wildcard versioning requires a compatible install of haxelib
  • Added support for optional runtime overriding of haxelib script
  • Improved handling of haxelib errors during HXML generation
  • Fixed support for uploading larger byte objects using HTTPRequest
  • Fixed support for config.rootPath

5.0.2 (05/22/2017)

  • Improved support for finding versioned haxelib path when using haxelib git

5.0.1 (05/22/2017)

  • Fixed an issue with PathHelper.getHaxelib outside of Lime tools
  • Fixed regressions in haxelib path resolution

5.0.0 (05/19/2017)

  • Updated the OpenGL bindings for better performance on HTML5
  • WebGL-specific signatures are now available using "WEBGL" suffix
  • Added support for wildcard haxelib versions (such as "1.0.*")
  • Added a new joystick.onTrackballMove with both x and y values
  • Added support for ThreadPool when there is no Application instance
  • Added haxelib to Lime tools to support path resolution fixes
  • Added ProjectXMLParser.fromFile for consistency
  • Updated default SWF version to 17 to prevent common compile issues
  • Removed deprecated config.assetsPrefix (use config.rootPath)
  • Improved support for HXP projects on Windows
  • Improved performance of image.copyPixels
  • Improved the lime create extension <name> template
  • Improved the behavior of Flash Player logging on Linux
  • Improved memory use in Matrix4 and TextLayout
  • Improved render event to allow canceling (avoids a screen flip)
  • Improved lime setup to quiet the "no setup required" message
  • Fixed dead-code-elimination with OpenGL extension classes
  • Fixed support for >, <, >=, <= and == in XML "unless" attribute
  • Fixed complete exit on Android when using the back button

4.1.0 (05/04/2017)

  • Updated SDL to latest development version
  • Updated Freetype to 2.7.1
  • Updated Harfbuzz to 1.4.6
  • Updated Howler.js to 2.0.3
  • Added window.alwaysOnTop, with initial support on Windows and Linux
  • Added WebP compatibility on HTML5, improved file format detection
  • Added EXT_texture_compression_s3tc to GL extensions
  • Added ability to specify architecture when performing iOS simulator builds
  • Removed deprecated HTML meta for Google Chrome Frame
  • Improved macro compile performance
  • Improved asset manifests to embed when all of their assets are embedded
  • Improved the web template for Flash for better relative URL resolution
  • Improved support for OpenGL extensions when dead-code-elimination is enabled
  • Improved the suspend/resume behavior on Android
  • Improved System.endianness to return BIG_ENDIAN on Flash Player
  • Improved file copying in tools to not copy templates that have not changed
  • Improved Cairo bindings to return the same object reference when possible
  • Improved OpenAL bindings to return the same object reference when possible
  • Fixed an issue with exiting fullscreen on HTML5
  • Fixed an issue with escaped paths when generating Neko executables
  • Fixed possible cases where paths could have been escaped twice in Haxe 3.3
  • Fixed support for GL.compressedTexImage on HTML5
  • Fixed CORS exception on HTML5 if there is no content-type header
  • Fixed static initialization order of core lime.system.CFFI methods
  • Fixed a dead-code-elimination issue in NativeHTTPRequest
  • Fixed the Android Gradle Plugin setting in the Lime extension template

4.0.3 (03/28/2017)

  • Added support for GL EXT_packed_depth_stencil
  • Improved safety around DataPointer when performing arithmetic
  • Improved Image.loadFromBytes when bytes are not a known image type
  • Improved the performance of Image.fillRect in some cases

4.0.2 (03/21/2017)

  • Added an internal transfer queue for limiting simultaneous HTML5 requests
  • Added an internal thread pool for limiting simultaneous native HTTPRequests
  • Fixed compilation support with newer Haxe releases on Raspberry Pi
  • Fixed the default "end" argument value of ArrayBufferView subarray
  • Fixed a performance regression in WebGL support
  • Fixed native HTTPRequest so that it always returns on the correct thread
  • Fixed path resolution to APK-based assets using HTTPRequest on Android
  • Fixed "unused pattern" warning caused by duplicate constant in GL bindings
  • Fixed a mismatch between intptr_t and uintptr_t (affecting Android)
  • Fixed several Window properties when creating a new window without a config

4.0.1 (03/17/2017)

  • Improved error message when an asset library is not found
  • Improved generated code performance when using ArrayBufferView
  • Fixed some issues with incorrect OpenGL garbage collection
  • Fixed AssetLibrary loadText to use text (not binary) loading on HTML5
  • Fixed support <library /> tag without using a "path" attribute
  • Fixed premature loading of embed="false" assets on HTML5
  • Fixed missing bufferData API in WebGLContext
  • Fixed OpenGL bindings to return null OpenGL objects if an ID is zero

4.0.0 (03/15/2017)

  • Added support for WebGL 2 APIs on HTML5
  • Recreated GL bindings in preparation for GLES3 support
  • Added support for running different Lime tools to match project version
  • Added WebGL, WebGL 2, GLES 2 and GLES 3 abstracts
  • Added initial support for WebGL/GLES2 extension constants
  • Added GL context, type and version properties
  • Added window.displayMode for full-screen display mode switching
  • Added lime.utils.DataPointer for managing native pointers
  • Added lime.utils.BytePointer for Bytes + offset without a new typed array
  • Added lime.utils.ObjectPool as a convenience API for object pooling
  • Added support for <assets path="" library="" /> for library packing
  • Added support for loading *.bundle directories as asset libraries
  • Added support for ${meta.title} and other project data in project.xml
  • Added support for Cairo textPath
  • Added support for multiple Lime embeds, rewrote HTML5 embed code
  • Added asset type to verbose Preloader messages
  • Added -Dwebgl1 to use a WebGL 1 context instead of WebGL 2 on HTML5
  • Removed deprecated behaviors from Lime 3
  • Updated Gamepad mappings to support additional models
  • Updated HTML5 window to dispatch resize event if parent element is resized
  • Improved support for deferred loading of asset libraries
  • Improved Asset error events, updated to throw errors when assets not found
  • Improved handling of GL context loss on WebGL
  • Improved behavior of asset manifests included as assets of another library
  • Improved behavior of path groups for audioBuffer assets
  • Improved error message if ANDROID_SDK or ANDROID_NDK_ROOT is not defined
  • Fixed caching for HTML5 cache groups
  • Fixed native HTTPRequest if file is not found or uses ~/ for home directory
  • Fixed copying of files when a directory exists of the same name
  • Fixed dispatch of Renderer.onRender when there is no context
  • Fixed dispatch of Renderer.onContextLost on native platforms
  • Fixed use of image.threshold when source is canvas or HTML5 image
  • Fixed missing warning if <icon path="" /> is null
  • Fixed <app path="" /> to be relative to include.xml path
  • Fixed <splashScreen path="" /> to be relative to include.xml path
  • Fixed case where assets could be processed as templates
  • Fixed support for ATF textures on Flash target
  • Fixed ID value for Joystick/Gamepad guid property
  • Fixed double dispatch of preloader complete verbose message
  • Fixed path of -options parameter when calling HXCPP

3.7.4 (02/15/2017)

  • Improved AudioBuffer/Font/Image/Sound.loadFromFile to support URLs
  • Deprecated AudioBuffer.fromURL and onload/onerror callbacks
  • Added verbose log messages during asset library preload
  • Fixed crash on iOS when rewinding or looping sounds

3.7.3 (02/13/2017)

  • Improved support for Raspberry Pi
  • Improved configuration for Gradle version on Android builds
  • Fixed a crash in VorbisFile.fromBytes
  • Fixed httpRequest.timeout to timeout only on opening a connection
  • Fixed setting of system clipboard when using Clipboard.text on HTML5
  • Fixed Assets.getBytes for cached text assets
  • Fixed the final progress value when using -Dsimulate-preloader
  • Fixed valid image check when returning cached image assets
  • Fixed a minor memory leak in System application directories
  • Fixed filters and default file name in FileDialog
  • Fixed AudioBuffer.loadFromFile on native for remote assets

3.7.2 (01/26/2017)

  • Reverted high-DPI HTML5 mouse scale change
  • Improved the DPI values returned from display.dpi
  • Fixed "Update to Recommended Settings" message on Xcode 8.2

3.7.1 (01/25/2017)

  • Improved output of Flash Player log output
  • Fixed minor issues with Flash Player preload logic
  • Fixed use of AudioBuffer in multiple native AudioSource instances

3.7.0 (01/24/2017)

  • Added <define /> (implies <set /> and <haxedef />)
  • Added <dependency force-load="" /> (will default to false in Lime 4)
  • Added -Dsimulate-preloader=3000 for simulating preload progress
  • Improved Image.loadFromBase64/loadFromBytes/loadFromFile on HTML5
  • Improved Image.loadFromBytes/loadFromFile support on Flash target
  • Improved support for "library.json" files that are not embedded
  • Improved support for browsers that do not have context.isPointInPath
  • Improved lime setup linux command for some newer environments
  • Improved caching behavior of text assets in AssetLibrary
  • Improved seeking behavior for AudioSource on native targets
  • Improved preload behavior on Flash target
  • Fixed metadata-based font embedding for Flash Player
  • Fixed issues with Windows paths when building tools with Haxe 3.4
  • Fixed preloading of fonts similar to default sans-serif on HTML5
  • Fixed base path for assets loaded from non-default asset libraries
  • Fixed scale of mouse events dispatched for high-DPI HTML5 windows

3.6.2 (01/20/2017)

  • Improved error when making a directory on an unavailable drive letter
  • Fixed regression in support for HTML5 font preloading
  • Fixed possible font overflow when embedding fonts on Flash target
  • Fixed crash on Neko when using AudioSource with no AudioBuffer

3.6.1 (01/18/2017)

  • Added streaming audio support to AudioSource
  • Fixed issues in bytesLoaded/bytesTotal calculation
  • Fixed a regression in support for static-linking
  • Fixed a regression in support for lime.utils.JNI

3.6.0 (01/16/2017)

  • Moved "" to ""
  • Added Vorbis bindings under ""
  • Added lime.ui.ScanCode, with conversion support to/from KeyCode on native
  • Added tool support for the "--no-output" argument
  • Migrated from NFD to tinyfiledialogs for better dialog support
  • Made window.close cancelable on desktop platforms
  • Updated libjpeg to 9b
  • Updated howler.js to 2.0.2
  • Improved support for Haxe 3.4
  • Improved support for progress events while preloading
  • Fixed force install when deploying to Android (API 16+ devices)
  • Fixed an invalid state when returning from background on Android
  • Fixed playback of a single audio buffer multiple times on HTML5
  • Fixed initial volume level in AudioSource on HTML5
  • Fixed a regression in the default architecture list for iOS
  • Fixed merging of multiple tags in project files
  • Fixed a possible crash when retrieving OpenGL strings
  • Fixed the default template for HTML5 when multiple projects are embedded
  • Fixed support for non-preloaded assets on HTML5
  • Fixed support for image.copyChannel on HTML5 when using WebGL
  • Fixed support for command-line arguments with "lime rebuild"

3.5.2 (12/19/2016)

  • Fixed issues related to @:bitmap, @:file and @:sound
  • Fixed support for HTML5 font preloading
  • Fixed issue with HTTPRequest and IE 11
  • Fixed an issue when merging multiple project.config values
  • Reverted bytes changes to resolve C++ GC issues

3.5.1 (12/16/2016)

  • Made major changes to Assets and the behavior of asset libraries
  • Made progress on a better asset manifest system
  • Made significant improvements to the iOS project templates
  • Moved lime.Assets to lime.utils.Assets
  • Added lime.utils.AssetLibrary, lime.utils.AssetType, lime.utils.AssetManifest
  • Added static "loadFrom" constructors for core types
  • Improved C++ performance on debug builds, added -Dlime-debug
  • Updated CFFI bytes to better support C# target
  • Fixed the 'cannot find build target "by"' error with current Haxe releases
  • Fixed support for *.hxp projects
  • Fixed some compile errors when core types were used in macros
  • Fixed a minor issue with HTTPRequest on HTML5
  • Fixed Android template so READ_PHONE_STATE is not a required permission
  • Fixed support for <haxelib name="" path="" />
  • Fixed a regression with the quality of generated SVG icons

3.5.0 (12/07/2016)

  • Significantly improved
  • Added support for lime.system.Clipboard on HTML5
  • Added System.openURL to launch a website externally
  • Added System.openFile to open a file using a system default application
  • Added -nolaunch option for HTML5 "test" command
  • Added support for <config:ios provisioning-profile="" /> for iOS
  • Updated SDL to dev version to fix Linux keyboard events
  • Updated with better progress events
  • Updated to initialize WebGL2 on HTML5, when available
  • Refactored certificate storage in HXProject
  • Improved the parsing and merge support for default Lime config
  • Improved the GL context in anticipation for GLES3/WebGL2 support
  • Improved HTML5 mouse events to allow canceling
  • Improved auto-build number detection to support SVN
  • Improved support for toggling window.resizable on native
  • Fixed audioBuffer.dispose for Howler.js buffers
  • Fixed use of deprecated APIs in lime.ui.Haptic implementation on iOS
  • Fixed use of deprecated APIs in accelerometer implementation on iOS
  • Fixed crash when resuming iOS applications from the background
  • Fixed crash if an asset manifest is not found and live reloading is enabled
  • Fixed handling of the default framebuffer on iOS
  • Fixed handling of *.jpeg file extension when making Flash builds
  • Fixed an issue in bytes handling for C#
  • Fixed the behavior of window onEnter/onLeave on DOM
  • Fixed the behavior of image.scroll
  • Fixed garbage collection for
  • Fixed incorrect window scale calculation on the iPhone Plus
  • Fixed some standard APIs when making modular HTML5 builds
  • Fixed crash when setting window.title
  • Fixed the return value of gl.shaderInfoLog on some platforms
  • Fixed the behavior of Event.ACTIVATE when resuming on iOS
  • Fixed missing input event initially on HTML5

3.4.1 (11/01/2016)

  • Fixed order of Assets.registerLibrary and app.onPreloaderComplete
  • Added a workaround for HAXE_STD_PATH error on -Dmodular

3.4.0 (10/31/2016)

  • Moved Lime config from ~/.hxcpp_config.xml to ~/.lime/config.xml
  • Added a new "lime config" command to print the current config
  • Added "lime config VARNAME" command to print a value from the current config
  • Added initial support for modular HTML5 builds (generates separate lime.js)
  • Added support for comparisons in project XML (like ${haxe >= 3.2.1})
  • Added lime.ui.Haptic for initial support of vibrate on iOS/Android
  • Added <log /> to project XML for info/warning/error/verbose messages
  • Added a build-time error if Haxe is less than 3.2.0
  • Added support for GIT-based meta build number value
  • Added initial high-DPI support for HTML5
  • Updated SDL to version 2.0.5
  • Improved support for Android immersive mode
  • Improved idle performance on macOS
  • Improved Gradle template to output APK filenames based on build type
  • Improved verbose messages for embedded fonts
  • Removed Neko template binaries, updated tools to use host version
  • Fixed IPHONE_VER issues with certain versions of HXCPP
  • Fixed iOS device deployment on macOS Sierra
  • Fixed iOS simulator deployment on macOS Sierra
  • Fixed node.js HTTP server support on macOS Sierra
  • Fixed duplicate symbol error on iOS
  • Fixed support for older CPUs without SSE4 instruction support
  • Fixed crash on negative seek position for HTML5 AudioSource
  • Fixed initial gain and position when playing HTML5 AudioSource sound
  • Fixed compatibility issues with current Haxe development versions

3.3.0 (10/10/2016)

  • Added Future.ready and Future.result
  • Added AudioBuffer.loadFromFile and AudioBuffer.loadFromFiles
  • Added favicon support to HTML5 builds
  • Added automatic garbage collection to OpenAL bindings
  • Improved the behavior of AudioSource, added Howler.js for HTML5
  • Improved CFFI bindings to prevent early GC of bytes
  • Improved the behavior of *.hxp project files
  • Improved support for the C# target
  • Improved <meta build-number="" /> to allow a value of 0
  • Improved support for "-lib lime" from plain HXML
  • Implemented relative mouse movement events for Flash and HTML5
  • Implemented Locale support for Android
  • Updated the behavior of "lime run" to imply "trace" (unless "-notrace")
  • Updated Android template to allow submission to non-touchscreen devices
  • Fixed support for <java path="" /> on Android
  • Fixed the value of Assets.isLocal for certain non-embedded assets
  • Fixed an issue affecting touch events after an HTML5 build was rotated
  • Fixed use of a custom HAXELIB_PATH for iOS builds (in Xcode)
  • Fixed numpad key values in HTML5
  • Fixed C++ casting when converting openfl.Vector to Float32Array
  • Fixed support for <window allow-high-dpi="true" />
  • Fixed Android compilation using debug

3.2.1 (09/20/2016)

  • Fixed an issue when GC was executed from another thread

3.2.0 (09/19/2016)

  • Updated to support Xcode 8 and iOS 10
  • Added lime.system.Locale
  • Added initial changes to support the C# target
  • Updated to OpenAL-Soft 1.17.2
  • Cleaned up some API paths with GC optimizations
  • Changed macOS to use OpenAL.framework, not OpenAL-Soft
  • Changed Android to use the standard OpenAL-Soft release
  • Improved suspend/resume support for Android audio
  • Improved support for lime setup on Linux
  • Improved CADisplayLink support for iOS
  • Improved the behavior of ColorMatrix
  • Fixed some crash issues in lime.system.System
  • Fixed setting of window.title
  • Fixed an issue with the Android NDK and debuggable=false
  • Fixed a possible crash when using multiple windows
  • Fixed the Android template for lime create extension
  • Corrected support for high DPI windows

3.1.0 (08/29/2016)

  • Switched from Ant to Gradle for Android builds
  • Added workarounds for some Haxe 3.3.0-rc1 issues
  • Added support for hidden windows on the desktop
  • Improved HTML5 mouse move by ignoring repeat events
  • Fixed issues in ArrayBuffer when values were null
  • Fixed a cross-origin issue that affected some browsers
  • Fixed support for System directories on Android
  • Fixed null fromBytes/fromImage conversion

3.0.3 (07/27/2016)

  • Improved "lime test flash -web" behavior to use HTTP server
  • Fixed an issue with Neko native byte resizing

3.0.2 (07/22/2016)

  • Added lime.utils.compress.* Deflate, GZip, LZMA and Zlib
  • Added -Dcairo to force use of Cairo software rendering on native
  • Deprecated lime.utils.LZMA
  • Fixed issue where assets were not found on Linux

3.0.1 (07/20/2016)

  • Improved the exclude/include filter behavior on <asset /> tags
  • Fixed an issue that caused Window to duplicate event dispatches
  • Fixed the name of generated folder for HTML5 output
  • Fixed support for OpenAL getSource3f

3.0.0 (07/08/2016)

  • Changed to different build directories for release/debug/final
  • Added support for transparent HTML5 windows
  • Added support for cairo.showGlyphs
  • Added garbage collection to the OpenGL bindings
  • Added audioSource.position for panning
  • Improved the behavior of Image when using WebGL
  • Improved the behavior of the HTML5 cache string
  • Improved the Flash target to embed unsupported audio assets
  • Improved support for integer positioning of unscaled HTML5 content
  • Updated the SVG tool using the latest SVG/OpenFL versions
  • Updated the module system to be more resilient to API changes
  • Updated the iOS plist for newer app store submission guidelines
  • Updated the HTML5 canvas to allow for premultiplied alpha
  • Integrated changes to improve tvOS support
  • Fixed issues in the Cairo bindings for improved Neko support
  • Fixed image.copyPixels when using a negative destination
  • Fixed the fillRect behavior when using alpha on native
  • Fixed an issue with PNG encoding on HTML5
  • Fixed an issue in typed arrays where offset/length were ignored
  • Fixed a crash in ExternalInterface
  • Fixed a case where displayInfo.currentMode is not active yet

2.9.1 (03/28/2016)

  • Added automatic support for mouse capture when dragging
  • Added initial support for <haxelib path="" \>
  • Added window.onDropFile, window.maximized
  • Added a missing dependency in the iOS project template
  • Added a polyfill for context.isPointInStroke (for IE support)
  • Added a flag to disable "allow-high-dpi" support
  • Improved support for Assets.loadBytes on Flash
  • Fixed some minor memory leaks when allocating CFFI strings
  • Fixed a rare crash in the tools when haxelib path does not work
  • Fixed the name suffix for Windows builds on newer HXCPP versions
  • Fixed an issue where Cairo could render text at the wrong size
  • Fixed the default company meta to be blank instead of a dummy value
  • Fixed the window position and size to update after fullscreen

2.9.0 (01/22/2016)

  • Updated to SDL 2.0.4
  • Updated to Cairo 1.14.6 and pixman 0.32.8
  • Changed default Android SDK version to 19 (enables immersive mode)
  • Added initial support for display.dpi
  • Added initial support for window.borderless and window.resizable
  • Added initial support for renderer.readPixels
  • Added support for image.threshold
  • Added open directory support to file dialog
  • Added support for stopping propagation of browser keyboard events
  • Added support for environment variables in if/unless conditionals
  • Added support for variable substitution in if/unless conditionals
  • Added MIPS and MIPSEL to architectures in tools
  • Improved guards against using lime.* classes with legacy
  • Improved support for the newer Android NDK
  • Improved handling of reference leaks in JNI access
  • Removed @:finalizer support, due to issues it caused
  • Fixed compatibility with HXCPP changes regarding Visual Studio 2015
  • Fixed support for window.display on scaled windows
  • Fixed a tool crash when using an unrecognized -armvX flag

2.8.3 (01/02/2016)

  • Improved support for the latest Android NDK
  • Improved cross-domain image loading on HTML5
  • Improved support for rebuilding and using tools without haxelib
  • Ensured that OpenAL is disabled in static builds by default
  • Fixed support for the current Haxe development build
  • Fixed the setup command to ensure all requested dependencies
  • Fixed a compile error when using <source /> and an empty path
  • Fixed the -notrace flag (to disable "trace" on "test" commands)

2.8.2 (12/16/2015)

  • Enabled WebGL by default on HTML5
  • Added support for Lime event canceling
  • Added default keyboard shortcuts for toggling fullscreen
  • Added default Android back button behavior to quit
  • Added support for <window resizable="false" /> on HTML5 template
  • Changed iOS default system font path to be more generic
  • Fixed issues with OGG decoding on newer Android NDK
  • Fixed AudioSource complete event when setting currentTime or length
  • Fixed minor issue compiling Neko Windows binaries from Linux
  • Minor updates to the default Android ADB output filter
  • Updated ANGLE binaries to resolve ALT + Enter fullscreen issue
  • Fixed font paths on iOS (legacy)

2.8.1 (12/09/2015)

  • Disable ANGLE by default on Windows, need to do additional testing
  • Added support for optional haxelib references in XML
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect joystick IDs on connect

2.8.0 (12/07/2015)

  • Removed lime.utils.ByteArray in favor of Haxe (3.2+) Bytes
  • Enabled ANGLE on Windows builds by default
  • Restored compatibility with Windows XP
  • Added support for HTML5 gamepad/joystick events
  • Removed, added HTTPRequest as a temporary patch
  • Added cache-break support to HTML5 based on each build
  • Fixed use of 32-bit Windows builds on recent HXCPP versions
  • Fixed support for correct touch event coordinates in HTML5 fullscreen
  • Fixed importing of lime.system.JNI on platforms other than Android
  • Fixed an issue that could cause native crashes on null Vector2 values
  • Fixed embed of runtime-generate asset files
  • Fixed default font paths on new versions of iOS (legacy)

2.7.0 (10/28/2015)

  • Added a minimum version check for OpenGL (software fallback otherwise)
  • Improved the consistency of frame time on native platforms
  • Fixed an issue where Android applications would crash on unfound files
  • Updated the Neko template for Lime legacy builds

2.6.9 (10/15/2015)

  • Fixed an issue with certain predictive text keyboards on Android
  • Fixed an issue where ImageBuffer did not update after certain changes
  • Fixed a red tint that occurred on some mobile graphics
  • Fixed a crash on closing applications on OS X 10.11 due to OpenAL
  • Fixed an issue with VERIFY_HOST in the cURL bindings
  • Additional fixes for tvOS compatibility
  • Made minor template updates
  • Fixed the default virtual keyboard type on BlackBerry (legacy)

2.6.8 (10/05/2015)

  • Updated to a new SDL development version
  • Added window.scale, window size and mouse events are in points
  • Added Lime Joystick events (alongside Gamepad events)
  • Added JPEG and PNG encode support for HTML5
  • Improved tooling support for tvOS builds

2.6.7 (10/02/2015)

  • Added initial changes to support Apple tvOS
  • Added System.allowScreenTimeout to allow screensaver/sleep
  • Updated CFFI to fix "hx_register_prim" issue on Android
  • Improved "lime setup linux"
  • Fixed preload when the same asset is listed twice
  • Fixed an issue with importing lime.Assets in legacy builds

2.6.6 (09/24/2015)

  • Patch support for static C++ builds without use of HXCPP dev
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in Flixel 3.x

2.6.5 (09/23/2015)

  • Improved automatic garbage collection for native references
  • Removed Cairo reference/destroy (handled internally now)
  • Added lime.system.CFFIPointer
  • Added *.fla to default exclude asset filter
  • Disabled ENABLE_BITCODE on iOS by default
  • Fixed an issue with Image.fromBitmapData when using OpenFL
  • Fixed a minor issue with copyPixels on Firefox

2.6.4 (09/21/2015)

  • Changed cURL bindings to use Bytes instead of String for callbacks
  • Fixed iOS support for CFFI prime (requires HXCPP update)
  • Reverted SDL2 version to fix regression in iOS window size
  • Disabled Cairo finalizer (for now) to resolve some crash problems
  • Reduced "unreachable code" warnings in Firefox
  • Fixed iOS multitouch behavior (legacy)

2.6.3 (09/19/2015)

  • Added initial support for CFFI-based finalizer callbacks
  • Added initial accelerometer support
  • Fixed an issue with erratic mouse values on Mac
  • Fixed a minor issue with touch events
  • Updated to a newer SDL development version
  • Improved the handling of alpha when using image.setPixel
  • Updated System.exit to go to background on Android if not an error
  • Improved dirty logic with Image pixel operations
  • Added an optimization for repeated Font path lookups
  • Improved support for non-US keyboard layouts (legacy)

2.6.2 (09/08/2015)

  • Added support for Raspberry Pi 2
  • Added
  • Migrated asynchronous lime.Assets calls to use futures
  • Added lime.system.CFFI and a new @:cffi macro to use prime
  • Migrated Lime CFFI bindings to use new (faster) prime bindings
  • Added window.alert (taskbar flash, optional message popup)
  • Set the "lime" shortcut on Mac and Linux to use "/usr/local/bin"
  • Set the Lime tools to use optional CFFI (can run without NDLL)
  • Added -Ddisplay when running "lime display" to help code completion
  • Added some minor Windows XP fixes
  • Improved to be more resilient to other macros
  • Fixed lime.ui.FileDialog on Mac
  • Fixed dispatch of mouse events from touch on HTML5
  • Added "onBackPressed" to Android extensions

2.6.1 (08/26/2015)

  • Added window.focus for raising and focusing windows
  • Added lime.ui.FileDialog for save/open dialogs
  • Made application renderer and window return the first of each array
  • Added renderer.type for simpler comparisons
  • Implemented AudioBuffer.fromURL for OpenFL Sound support
  • Switched to current Lime architecture when processing SVG files
  • Fixed color order in image.getColorBoundsRect
  • Fixed font embedding for HTML5
  • Fixed Cairo inFill, inStroke, inClip
  • Fixed some issues in image.copyPixels
  • Fixed missing callback in Assets.loadLibrary
  • Fixed multi-touch on iOS (legacy)

2.6.0 (08/20/2015)

  • Added support for multiple windows
  • Improved Lime application config for multiple windows
  • Renamed application.init to application.onWindowCreate
  • Changed many application events to include a window reference
  • Expanded touch input support, added lime.ui.Touch
  • Moved game input events from Window to Gamepad
  • Added application onPreloadProgress/onPreloadComplete events
  • Added onModuleExit events (for a clean shutdown)
  • Added additional key mappings for Flash and HTML5
  • Fixed HTML5 text input with spaces
  • Fixed event.remove
  • Fixed an issue with software-based windows
  • Fixed an unused reference in the Android template
  • Fixed "std@module_read" errors on Neko

2.5.3 (08/13/2015)

  • Ported the JNI class for Android extension support without legacy
  • Added a new Display API for information on connected screens
  • Added lime.system.Clipboard and support for System.endianness
  • Added window.display and window.setTitle
  • Merged updates to the game console render context
  • Standardized touch events to use normalized x/y coordinates
  • Standardized touch events to dispatch mouse events as well
  • Added support for unicode text input on HTML5
  • Added support for specifying the iOS simulator device type
  • Added conversion to/from UInt for Int abstracts
  • Fixed the output color order when image encoding
  • Reduced allocations when using gl.vertexAttribPointer
  • Improved font hinting when using Cairo
  • Fixed decoding support for some JPEG images
  • Fixed support for embedded assets on iOS and Android
  • Fixed a possible issue in the Flash preloader
  • Fixed passing of Haxe defines in the iOS build template
  • Fixed support for lime.utils.Log
  • Fixed support for event.has

2.5.2 (07/23/2015)

  • Added support for automatic software fallback on native platforms
  • Improved the behavior of image getPixel/setPixel
  • Fixed native fillRect/floodFill when using certain color values
  • Improved color conversion support for Flash
  • Fixed issue preventing Neko from reading 32-bit integers correctly

2.5.1 (07/21/2015)

  • Made Image properly support all PixelFormat/premultiplied types
  • Updated PixelFormat names to be more descriptive
  • Added prefix support for generated library class names
  • Fixed an issue with Assets.loadImage on HTML5
  • Fixed support for OpenAL playback using a starting offset

2.5.0 (07/17/2015)

  • Added guards against duplicate gamepad connect events
  • Added guards against gamepad events after a disconnect
  • Added dead zone and repeat value filtering for gamepad axis
  • Added CairoImageSurface, properly separate from CairoSurface
  • Improved HTML5 to use the project FPS setting
  • Improved asset libraries to have an "unload" method
  • Fixed repeated calls to Assets.load* with the same ID
  • Fixed "lime build" to not progress without sources
  • Fixed a regression in ByteArray.fromFile on Android
  • Fixed a bug in arrayBufferView.set
  • Quieted libpng "known incorrect profile" messages
  • Added a patch to allow Wii Remote detection (legacy)

2.4.9 (07/13/2015)

  • Added lime.system.ThreadPool
  • Added lime.utils.Log
  • Added image.scroll
  • Added event.has
  • Improved performance of Flash target logging
  • Improved "lime upgrade" when Git is not in the PATH
  • Improved image.clone when using canvas
  • Updated for compatibility with newer lime-samples
  • Updated to use a default icon when none is available
  • Updated Assets to use a ThreadPool for asynchronous loads
  • Updated to pass -verbose during "run" when in verbose mode
  • Fixed an issue when tracing null typed arrays
  • Fixed image.copyChannel when clipping is necessary
  • Fixed use of cURL basic types as Int
  • Improved support for asynchronous SSL requests (legacy)

2.4.8 (07/09/2015)

  • Improved lime.system.BackgroundWorker onComplete
  • Improved native bytes to guard against premature GC
  • Fixed ENABLE_BITCODE when targeting older iOS versions
  • Fixed possible double mouse events on iOS
  • Fixed embedded font support on iOS
  • Fixed "lime rebuild ios" with some versions of HXCPP
  • Fixed mouse middle/right/wheel events on desktop (legacy)

2.4.7 (07/06/2015)

  • Fixed regression in HTML5 typed array support

2.4.6 (07/06/2015)

  • Added lime.system.BackgroundWorker for easy threads
  • Made Assets loadImage/loadBytes asynchronous on native
  • Removed the ByteArray \init and matching CFFI functions
  • Improved the help documentation when using "lime create"
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Bytes
  • Fixed on native when there is no data
  • Fixed event.remove when using during an event dispatch
  • Fixed the cleanup of OpenAL when closing applications
  • Fixed a crash that could occur using cURL on Mac
  • Fixed static builds for the Mac target

2.4.5 (07/02/2015)

  • Changed to a new, better Haxe typed array implementation
  • Added an improved Bytes (internal) for native targets
  • Added lime.utils.LZMA for LZMA compression/decompression
  • Expanded support for gamepad devices
  • Improved desktop multitouch support
  • Exposed decodeBytes/decodeFile for PNG and JPG formats
  • Added support for header-only decoding of PNG or JPG
  • Improved support for Flash log output
  • Improved the "update" command to support GIT submodules
  • Restored previous rendering behavior on high-DPI Apple devices
  • Fixed support for non-embedded assets on HTML5
  • Fixed other cases in the Assets loading code on HTML5
  • Fixed imageBuffer.bitsPerPixel to default 32, not 4 (bytes)
  • Updated webgl-debug.js for use with HTML5 -Dwebgl -debug
  • Fixed a regression in middle and right click events (legacy)
  • Fixed possible file handle leaks in the audio code (legacy)
  • Added DPI-aware keyboard height for iOS (legacy)
  • Added a hack to identify the type of connected gamepads (legacy)
  • Fixed the sourceRect coordinates for blitChannel (legacy)
  • Added screen resolution width/height for BlackBerry (legacy)
  • Fixed a possible overflow in the LZMA buffer (legacy)

2.4.4 (06/08/2015)

  • Handle Flash traces, similar to native logging
  • Improved performance of TextLayout
  • Improved the behavior of the Android Activity class
  • Added window activate/deactivate events on mobile
  • Added retina support on Mac desktop
  • Allow --meta overrides when using lime create project
  • Added sleep after Android touch events for better performance
  • Improved build support for Raspberry Pi 2
  • Fixed -force_load flag on iOS builds
  • Fixed GL.clearDepth and GL.depthRange bindings
  • Fixed negative System.getTimer value on HTML5
  • Added multi-touch desktop support (legacy)
  • Improved WAV format loading (legacy)
  • Fixed iswalpha crash on BlackBerry (legacy)

2.4.3 (06/01/2015)

  • Improved support for embedded fonts
  • Fixed regression when embedding certain OTF fonts

2.4.2 (05/30/2015)

  • Improved iOS and Android build support
  • Add support for application.frameRate
  • Reduce cURL connection timeout to 30 seconds
  • Improved handling of non-transparent image buffers
  • Add cubic support to font decomposition
  • Added Cairo window resize handling
  • Added Cairo Freetype support
  • Added check to remove duplicated <dependency /> references
  • Minor fix to image premultiply alpha
  • Minor fix to "lime create" command
  • Minor fix to rectangle.transform
  • Fixed Windows Neko builds when not running on Windows

2.4.1 (05/13/2015)

  • Improve handling of custom error types in HTML5 target
  • Guard icon helpers if PNG encoding fails
  • Fixed Emscripten rebuild
  • Fixed issue on the build server

2.4.0 (05/12/2015)

  • Added Cairo render context and bindings
  • Added support for software windows, using Cairo not OpenGL
  • Added text input/edit events
  • Added onEnter/onLeave events for Window mouse focus
  • Added Image getColorBoundsRect
  • Added build support for ANGLE
  • Removed prevent default for HTML5 arrow and space keys
  • Improved Image copyPixels with merge alpha
  • Fixed static build support
  • Fixed a case where fonts might not be embedded
  • Fixed occasional crash with OpenAL on Neko

2.3.3 (04/21/2015)

  • Added audioSource.loops, audioSource.offset, audioSource.length
  • Renamed audioSource.timeOffset to audioSource.currentTime
  • Fixed onComplete for AudioSource instances
  • Fixed support for embedded bytes on HTML5
  • Fixed support for hardware anti-aliasing on SDL2 targets
  • Fixed some loose file handles in the format decoders
  • Fixed a possible crash in copyPixels
  • Improved accuracy of URLLoader progress

2.3.2 (04/15/2015)

  • Improved performance of pixel-based operations in Image
  • Added support for RGBA (default) and ARGB color order
  • Added --port=123 to change the webserver port on HTML5 builds
  • Added support for Unicode Windows system paths
  • Added larger icon sizes requested by Windows 10
  • Improved functionality of BMP.encode
  • Fixed compilation on Android without
  • Fixed support for -Doptional-cffi
  • Fixed haxe.Timer (legacy)

2.3.1 (04/08/2015)

  • Renamed Lime legacy to "lime-legacy" to support hybrid builds
  • Added -Dhybrid for using Lime 2 and Lime legacy in the same project
  • Improved support for standalone Neko builds on Linux
  • Fixed loading of OGG sounds on Android
  • Fixed Emscripten support for newer HXCPP
  • Fixed a crash using gl.texSubImage2D on Neko
  • Fixed missing System.fontsDirectory on Linux
  • Fixed crash on NULL system directories
  • Fixed crash when font or JPEG file paths are not found
  • Added softKeyboardRect support for iOS (legacy)

2.3.0 (03/26/2015)

  • Added initial Lime 2 support for iOS
  • Added Mouse.lock and Mouse.warp on native platforms
  • Added window.onMouseMoveRelative for use with mouse locking
  • Added System.exit
  • Added Lime 2 support for haxe.Timer
  • Changed window.onMouseMove to dispatch only (x, y)
  • Improved window width/height reporting after creation
  • Updated ios-deploy, fixed the run command for iOS
  • Fixed the ByteArray size returned from Image.getPixels
  • Fixed Flash builds for Mac and Haxe 3.2
  • Fixed js.Boot for new changes in Haxe 3.2
  • Fixed an issue in the Gamepad API
  • Fixed the ZipHelper for Haxe 3.2
  • Fixed the -Dstats define for HTML5 builds

2.2.2 (03/25/2015)

  • Restored support for OpenFL 2.2
  • Added System.fontsDirectory
  • Improved Font.fromFile when the file is not available
  • Improved HTTP server to allow access from other devices
  • Improved System.getTimer to work without haxe.Timer
  • Fixed a crash when using GL.bufferData with zero-length data

2.2.1 (03/21/2015)

  • Fixed -rebuild for 32-bit Mac/Linux with newer HXCPP
  • Fixed ImageBuffer with newer HXCPP
  • Compile fix

2.2.0 (03/20/2015)

  • Added formal support for fonts
  • Added formal support for complex text layout
  • Added Gamepad input support
  • Added Haxe 3.2 support
  • Added support for Window fullscreen
  • Added support for Window minimized
  • Added System directories (user, documents, etc)
  • Added the foundation for iOS support
  • Improved support for node.js
  • Improved support for Lime modules
  • Added support for embedded images and sounds
  • Changed Module init() to occur sooner
  • Implemented Assets.getBytes for Flash BitmapData
  • Fixed Assets.isLocal for Flash sound assets
  • Fixed Image and ImageBuffer clone()
  • Fixed support for HXCPP 3.2.x
  • Fixed -rebuild when using the Lime 2 desktop NDLL
  • Fixed "lime rebuild" when in the Lime directory

2.1.3 (03/02/2015)

  • Added lime.ui.KeyModifier
  • Added key modifier support to Flash and HTML5 keyboard events
  • Added support for iOS builds using HXCPP 3.2
  • Now "create project" creates unique package IDs instead of a common one
  • Now "-clean" is ignored where it does not make sense (such as "run -clean")
  • Changed default fullscreen for native targets to SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP
  • Fixed escaping for quotes and spaces in macro calls on Flash target
  • Removed Lime native dependency defines from Flash and HTML5 builds
  • Improved the behavior of shader isValid/isInvalid
  • Added a request for focus after resuming on Android
  • Fixed an IME issue that affected some Android keyboards
  • Fixed Linux setup on Arch 32-bit systems
  • Fixed an issue when building iOS projects to an absolute build path
  • Fixed issue where iOS builds may lack some defines (such as HXCPP_API_LEVEL)
  • Patched support for Assets.loadSound on Flash target
  • Fixed a null check in lime_alc_open_device

2.1.2 (02/20/2015)

  • Minor fixes for upcoming Haxe 3.2 release
  • Added "lime deploy" to zip and support upload targets
  • Added initial support for Google Drive using "lime deploy"
  • Added "Options.txt" reading for iOS builds to include -Dhxcpp_api_level
  • Changed "lime update ios" to only update, and not open Xcode
  • Added "-xcode" flag to open Xcode on iOS "build" or "run" command
  • Fixed the use of "lime" from Windows batch/command files
  • Improved "haxelib path" error message when a dependency haxelib is missing
  • Improved PathHelper.relocatePath to resolve issues with absolute paths
  • Fixed issue preventing projects from changing Flash scaleMode/align
  • Improved web font loading on HTML5 target
  • Fixed JavaScript minification that was failing on some systems
  • Fix issue with disappearing keyboards on certain Android devices
  • Fix "isValid" check in GLShader to check for zero
  • Set <config:android install-location="auto" /> by default
  • Request focus in resume on Android, in case an extension has focus (legacy)
  • Added TILE_BLEND_SUBTRACT (legacy)

2.1.1 (02/13/2015)

  • Added initial Emscripten target support
  • Fixed regression in HTML5 font asset embedding
  • Minor improvement to SWF embedding for Flash target

2.1.0 (02/11/2015)

  • Refactored, made many events instance-based, not static
  • Removed event managers, moved input events to Window class instances
  • Moved many Lime tool classes into the public lime.* API
  • Added initial Lime 2 support for Android
  • Added official Android X86 emulator support
  • Added support for munit unit testing suite
  • Added System.getTimer for faster delta time calculations
  • Added application.removeWindow and window.close
  • Added support for a custom asset root URL on HTML5
  • Added forced OpenAL cleanup, in case of an unclean exit
  • Fixed support for Haxe 3.2 haxelib behavior
  • Fixed createImageData issue on HTML5 for WebGL
  • Improvements to in-progress Lime text layout API
  • Improved handling of Android Debug Bridge on Linux
  • Improved handling of ANT_HOME for use with ADB
  • Fixed the output of textField.htmlText on Android (legacy)
  • Updated TextField implementation (legacy)
  • Fixed behavior of ColorMatrixFilter (legacy)
  • Fixed textField.setTextFormat with different font (legacy)
  • Fixed crash in Capabilities.language on iOS (legacy)

2.0.6 (01/22/2015)

  • Resolved asset embedding for Lime resources
  • Added "js-flatten" and "dce full" to HTML5 -final builds
  • Made "-minify" occur by default on HTML5 -final builds
  • Improved the copy behavior for assets on Android and BlackBerry
  • Improved the getDeviceSDKVersion call for Android
  • Fixed support for making typed arrays from OpenFL Vector data
  • Removed unneeded iOS CFBundleIcon references
  • Updated the default iOS deployment to version 5.1.1 for arm64
  • Updated to the latest Google Closure compiler version
  • Added a ConsoleRenderContext, to continue to grow with console efforts
  • Refactored Application, Window, Renderer and other "backend" classes
  • Fixed crash in BitmapData rendering (legacy)
  • Fixed rotation of TextField instances (legacy)

2.0.5 (01/13/2015)

  • Improved the Windows ICO generation support
  • Added support for embedded ICO resources in Windows applications
  • Added caching to improve performance when icons exist
  • Added classes for encoding
  • Improved KeyCode so it automatically casts to/from Int
  • Improved the behavior of Android ADB management
  • Migrated to an "Asset Catalog" for iOS icons and launch images
  • Added missing iOS icon and launch image sizes
  • Added image.merge support for software image blending
  • Fixed the color order for Windows icon generation
  • Fixed a possible crash issue in empty Image instances
  • Fixed support for forwarding HXCPP defines on iOS builds
  • Fixed support for dead-code elimination full
  • Guarded Android API calls that require newer device versions
  • Improved lime.embed to support either a DOM object or ID string
  • Improved the behavior of BitmapData getPixels (legacy)
  • Exposed support for shifting pitch on OpenAL (legacy)
  • Fixed a crash in iOS Capabilities.language (legacy)
  • Added bitmapData.merge support (legacy)

2.0.4 (12/31/2014)

  • Added system mouse cursor support in lime.ui.Mouse
  • Added hide/show cursor support in lime.ui.Mouse
  • Improved the behavior of the embedded web server
  • Fixed the behavior of Image.getPixels
  • Fixed embedded font support for OpenFL HTML5
  • Fixed the Windows application icon
  • Fixed handling of dummy ANT_HOME or JAVA_HOME HXCPP values
  • Improved default context menu behavior on Flash/OpenFL
  • Improved fixed orientation support on iOS (legacy)

2.0.3 (12/27/2014)

  • Improved linking of OpenAL for Android
  • Added support for cached <library /> processing
  • Fixed exit code behavior when calling HXCPP
  • Fixed minor issues with "lime rebuild tools"

2.0.2 (12/21/2014)

  • Added ARMV7S, ARM64 and X86_64 support for iOS
  • Added unofficial Java support
  • Added xxhdpi and xxxhdpi icons for Android
  • Added initial support for Android (without legacy)
  • Upgraded to a newer SDL2 release for desktop
  • Improved the behavior of Image.setPixels
  • Improved Image.fromBytes for HTML5
  • Improved Image.fillRect for HTML5
  • Fixed issue causing "bin" directories to appear on rebuild
  • Fixed issues with Android ADB
  • Fixed an issue with HTML5 copyPixels
  • Fixed an infinite loop when loading WAV audio
  • Fixed an infinite loop when loading WAV audio (legacy)
  • Fixed GL.getShaderPrecisionFormat (legacy)
  • Removed unnecessary iOS libraries (legacy)
  • Fixed Android x86 builds (legacy)
  • Fixed TextField leading (legacy)

2.0.1 (12/04/2014)

  • Added GL.isContextLost
  • Added Renderer onRenderContextLost/onRenderContextRestored
  • Improved Android device version check
  • Changed Firefox to type WEB instead of MOBILE
  • Fixed HTML5 touch event coordinates

2.0.0 (11/20/2014)

  • Improved the "lime rebuild" command
  • Added a "-dryrun" flag to help test the tools
  • Fixed zero width/height in
  • Populate environment with HXCPP config defines
  • Fixed double dispatch of HTML5 mouse events
  • Improved the "lime.embed" JS command
  • Fixed "lime create openfl"
  • Made fixes to support the newer Blackberry SDK
  • Fixed GraphicsPath on Neko (legacy)

2.0.0-beta (11/13/2014)

  • Merged the Lime "legacy" codebase
  • Initial steps towards Lime node.js support
  • Sped up rasterization of SVG icon images
  • Sped up splash image generation
  • Improved for some browsers
  • Added native PNG/JPG encoding
  • Improved $variable handling in project parsing
  • Other minor fixes

2.0.0-alpha.8 (11/08/2014)

  • Guarded certain CFFI calls
  • Fixed discovery of Java install on OS X
  • Omitting Android force downgrade on old devices

2.0.0-alpha.7 (11/01/2014)

  • Improved handling of haxelib library versions
  • Add patched haxe.CallStack to fix C++ stack order
  • Fix fonts to use the true font name
  • Automatically register fonts embedded in the project
  • Fixed and documented the "-args" tool flag
  • Added the force downgrade argument when installing on Android

2.0.0-alpha.6 (10/28/2014)

  • Added initial support for cubic bezier font outlines
  • Added better OpenFL ASCII color on Mac
  • Maybe Java optional during build process for SVG rasterizer
  • Improved "isText" file detection
  • Fixed loading of type BINARY files as TEXT

2.0.0-alpha.5 (10/23/2014)

  • Added patched Haxe Boot class, to fix on Safari
  • Added support for the "openfl" command
  • Using the proper font name when embedding in Flash
  • Improved the handling of font family name detection
  • Minor fixes

2.0.0-alpha.4 (10/21/2014)

  • Improved parsing of HXML when compiling for the Flash target
  • Improved the <config /> data system
  • Enabled splash screen generation for iOS again

2.0.0-alpha.3 (10/20/2014)

  • Fixed handling of HXML with comments when targeting Flash
  • Added initial support for ".bundle" asset folders
  • Added initial support for <library path="" preload="true" />
  • Passing "-verbose" when appropriate to library handlers
  • Improved code completion for FlashDevelop
  • Improved population of defines in project file handling
  • Fixed "lime create extension"
  • Improvements to <config /> tag merging
  • Added Tilesheet TILE_RECT support (legacy)

2.0.0-alpha.2 (10/16/2014)

  • Added Lime "legacy" binaries for OpenFL v2 native support
  • Merged the Aether tools into Lime
  • Improved the "lime rebuild" command
  • Added onSaveInstanceState/onRestoreInstanceState on Android
  • Added TouchEvent handling on HTML5
  • Fixed handling of GL depth and stencil buffers
  • Fixed ImageDataUtil fillRect, copyPixels, colorTransform
  • Fixed iOS framework paths which include spaces
  • Fixed ByteArray.writeBytes when the length is zero
  • Fixed the iOS linker flags project option
  • Moved to JSON asset libraries instead of serialized ones
  • Improved handling of SWF asset embedding
  • Improved handling of HTML5 key events
  • Disabled HTML5 page scrolling using the arrow keys
  • Improved ByteArray support on HTML5
  • Fixed HTML5 mouse coordinates when letterboxing
  • Fixed "bin" tool paths when Lime is not included in the project
  • Many other small fixes
  • Fixed sound.length when using streaming OGG audio (legacy)
  • Added a proper shutdown for OpenAL audio (legacy)
  • Fixed null data in URLLoader on Neko (legacy)
  • Added a dead zone filter for joystick events (legacy)

2.0.0-alpha (10/14/2014)

  • Created an all-new Lime API
  • The core architecture is built around Application, Window and Renderer
  • Events are similar to C# or signals/slots, and strongly-typed
  • Add support for Flash, DOM, Canvas or GL render contexts
  • Added bindings to OpenAL, as well a simple unified audio API
  • Added networking support, with bindings to cURL on native platforms
  • Added cross-target pixel image manipulation features
  • Fixed support for Xcode 6 publishing for iOS 8
  • Fixed support for BlackBerry 10.3
  • Restored support for old Android devices
  • Added support for static linking on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Added support for externally defined platform targets
  • Improved Flash asset embedding, to handle larger projects
  • Added Firefox OS publishing using "lime publish firefox"
  • Made the asset library system more flexible
  • Many other tool improvements

1.0.1 (06/24/2014)

  • Fixed BlackBerry support
  • Fixed a memory leak when using LZMA decoding

1.0.0 (05/29/2014)

0.9.9 (05/28/2014)

  • Fixed ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE for Windows on minimize/restore
  • Fixed Mac fullscreen handling
  • Silenced "missing NDLL" warning when not in -verbose mode
  • Added "-nocolor" option

0.9.8 (05/27/2014)

  • Fixed issues with Android JNI
  • Fixed a GPU texture issue on iOS
  • Fixed keyboard to only show if a TextField is type INPUT
  • Fixed support for OpenGL on Nvidia drivers for Linux
  • Fixed a bug where OpenGL textures were freed improperly
  • Improved support for reading audio file length
  • Added support for custom user agents in URL requests
  • Other minor fixes

0.9.7 (04/22/2014)

  • Merged Lime with NME for code collaboration
  • Fixed software rendering path
  • Fixed compile for older Android devices
  • Added OpenAL support for BlackBerry
  • Moved to C++11 by default for iOS builds
  • Added additional Android extension callbacks
  • Improved handling of Android keyboard/gamepad input
  • Confirmed support for the Amazon FireTV
  • Improved cursor visibility when switching to/from fullscreen
  • Improved support for iOS virtual text input
  • Fixed support for BWF wave files
  • Fixed color order for PNG encoding

0.9.6 (03/18/2014)

  • Fixed Android library instantiation order
  • Fixed Android onKeyUp event
  • Fixed volume and back keys on Android
  • Added stereoscopic 3D support on Android
  • Fixed TextField.textColor rendering
  • Improved support for key codes
  • Improved support for looping audio
  • Minor fixes

0.9.5 (03/04/2014)

  • Improvements to Lime wrapper
  • Fixed cURL to support larger header sizes
  • Updated the SDL2 backend to support initialization without AA if not supported
  • Added support for Android "immersive mode"
  • Improved default _sans, _serif and _typewriter font matching for Mac and iOS
  • Multiple improvements to Android JNI support
  • Added "count" support for drawTiles rendering
  • Optimized renderer to perform more with a single draw array
  • Improvements for anti-aliased hardware lines
  • Optimizations to tessellation algorithm
  • Added better support for pre-multiplied alpha, currently per surface
  • Memory fixes for Freetype fonts
  • Fix listing of Lime samples when running "lime create openfl"
  • Added proper charCode and keyCode support for Android keyboard input
  • Minor improvement to OpenAL sound
  • Multi-threading fix for Android
  • Fixed OpenGL ES 2 context support for Tizen
  • Keyboard event support on Tizen
  • Resolved rare issue when loading BitmapData from bytes
  • Minor fixes for Emscripten
  • Updated for automated builds:

0.9.4 (01/27/2014)

  • Fixed support for 8-bit PNG images with alpha
  • Fixed software fallback for certain older cards

0.9.3 (01/22/2014)

  • Improved the Android extension API
  • Improved OpenAL audio panning behavior
  • Fixed crash in ColorMatrixFilter
  • Fixed GL drawArrays issue on desktop

0.9.2 (12/31/2013)

  • Fixed Tizen storage directory
  • Fixed support for Emscripten

0.9.1 (12/18/2013)

  • Lime wrapper improvements
  • Improved performance when loading OGG samples in memory
  • Added support for the Tizen emulator

0.9.0 (12/10/2013)

  • Added Tizen support
  • Initial wrapper implementation
  • Android JNI improvements
  • Add OpenGL context lost/restored events
  • Fixed support for Android OpenAL audio
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