jstack 2.3.9

Friendly stack traces for JS and PHP7 targets. Makes them point to haxe sources.

Released 2017-10-27.

To install, run:

haxelib install jstack 2.3.9

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version2.3.9
StatisticsInstalled 1126 times



This library automatically transforms haxe.CallStack.callStack(), haxe.CallStack.exceptionStack() and uncaught exceptions where possible to make them point at Haxe sources instead of generated js or php files. The only supported targets are js and php7 (as of 2017-02-24 you need latest development version of Haxe for php7 support).

Works only in debug mode or when -D JSTACK_FORCE. Does not affect your app if compiled without -debug and -D JSTACK_FORCE flags or to unsupported target.

2017-10-02 till Haxe 4 is released if you want to use JStack for php target with the latest development version of Haxe, add -D JSTACK_HAXE_DEV.


haxelib install jstack


Just add JStack to compilation with -lib jstack compiler flag.

Clickable positions in stack traces.

If your IDE supports clickable file links in app output, you can specify a pattern for call stack entries:

-D JSTACK_FORMAT=%symbol% at %file%:%line%
//or predefined pattern for VSCode
//or predefined pattern for IntelliJ IDEA

Custom entry point

If you don't have -main in your build config, then you need to specify entry point like this:

-D JSTACK_MAIN=my.SomeClass.entryPoint