hyptwitter 1.0.0

Twitter Integration for Flash, Android and iOS.

Released 2015-05-13.

To install, run:

haxelib install hyptwitter 1.0.0

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version1.0.0
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A Twitter native extension for NME

This NME native extension allows you to integrate Twitter into your NME application.

This is fully made with haxe code. The only native parts are the logins methods.

It support: - iOS : Reverse Auth - Android : Web Auth - CPP : PIN Auth


There is an [include.nmml]() file and [ndll]() are compiled for: ios armv6 ios armv7 ios simulator android armv6

It should be soon on haxelib.


For android you need to merge you MainActivity.java if you are using another extension who is customizing the MainActivity ( by exammple HypFacebook )

If you need to use HypTwitter only just add in your nmml project file : template path="[bin-folder]/android/bin/MainActivityTwitter.java" rename="src/fr/hyperfiction/test/MainActivity.java"/>


For recompiling the native extensions just use the sh files contained in the project folder


Initiliazing :

var t = new HypTwitter( );
t.consumerKey= "xxxxxx";	
t.consumerSecret= "xxxxx";

For developement mode you can defined your token & secret key:

t.token = ""; //Optional Developer token    
t.tokenSecret = "";//Optional for developer


var connector = t.connect( _onConnect , _onError , _onAskPin );

For iOS & Android all is native & done automatically.

For c++ & other PIN base authorization targets when the "_askPin" method is called you must call the method verifiy with the user pin:

t.verifiy( "123456")


Then just do the request by using the call method of the HypTwitter class instance and use the TwitterRequest enum values :


Simple GET request:

_oTwitter.call( REQUEST( GET , HypTwitter.TIMELINE_USER ) );

Post a new Tweet:

_oTwitter.call( REQUEST(

					POST ,
					HypTwitter.TWEET_UPDATE ,
					null ,
					new Params( "status",">>Hello World Twitter from #Haxe &éè_çà)")


Better authentification for iOS & multiples accounts support. Adding all the requests in to the definitions. Better error handling.

Made at Hyperfiction

hyperfiction.fr Developed by : Johann Martinache @shoe_box


This work is under BSD simplified License.