hxassert 0.1.0

General assert utility for Haxe

Released 2016-10-23.

To install, run:

haxelib install hxassert 0.1.0

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

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Assert utility for Haxe. Lightweight library deliveries flexible base functionality on assertions. It could be used as standard assert library. It could provide base API for more high-level tools as "matching extensions", "contract-by-design", "assert-that notation".


API is not final yet. Development is in progress. Feel free to suggest better naming, API hacks, and compatibility features!

Assertion level

  • Top level: Assert.require - generates always.
  • Medium level: Assert.expect - could be disabled for release builds by defining -D hxassert_no_expect.
  • Debug level: Assert.assert - generates only for -debug builds.

Look at method documentation for usage suggestions.

Failure messages

var x = -1;
var y = 1;

// assert: x > 0
Assert.require(x > 0);

// assert: x > 0
// x: -1
// y: 1
// x + y: 0
Assert.require(x > 0, x, y, x + y);

// (x == y) failed: -1 != 1
// Validation: x + y = 0
Assert.require(x == y, "(${}) failed: $x != $y\nValidation: x + y = ${x + y}");

// Expression: x == y
// x: -1
// y: 1
Assert.require(x == y, "ASSERTION FAILED\nExpression: ${}", x, y);

Failure handling

Errors could be recovered from throwing by handlers by calling error.recovery() method Throwing could be disabled totally in release builds by defining -D hxassert_mute. In case of muting errors throwing, they are dispatched and handled anyway. That allows to recover, report and log critical failures in release builds without throwing assertion failure error.

// whatever
var disposeAssertLogging = Assert.on(
	function(err) {
		haxe.Log.trace(err.toString(), err.position);

		// in case if you want to recover from throwing assert error immediately

// if need to remove listeners