hotmem 0.0.2

Hot memory access library for Haxe

Released 2016-09-08.

To install, run:

haxelib install hotmem 0.0.2

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version0.0.2
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Hot memory access for Haxe


TargetArraysHot ViewBytes ViewImplementation
cpp+++hxcpp_memory / pointer
flash+++Memory Domain
js+++Parallel Typed Arrays
nodejs+++Parallel Typed Arrays*

Define -D hotmem_debug enabling bounds checking, traces and additional asserts


Create your static dense fixed-length typed arrays before performance critical operations.

Use HotView if different value-type access required


  • hotmem.U8: 8-bit unsigned int
  • hotmem.U16: 16-bit unsigned int
  • hotmem.I32: 32-bit signed int
  • hotmem.F32: 32-bit floating-point

Typed Arrays

For each types continuous memory fixed-length array is available (buffer)

  • hotmem.U8Array: 8-bit unsigned int array
  • hotmem.U16Array: 16-bit unsigned int array
  • hotmem.I32Array: 32-bit signed int array
  • hotmem.F32Array: 32-bit floating-point array

Hot View

Each array could be wrapped for memory read/write operations:

var view = array.view(?atElement);
view.setU8(bytePosition, value);
view.setU16(bytePosition, value);
view.setI32(bytePosition, value);
view.setF32(bytePosition, value);

value = view.getU8(bytePosition);
value = view.getU16(bytePosition);
value = view.getI32(bytePosition);
value = view.getF32(bytePosition);

Data View

As Hot-View you able to lock any

Modify templates and generate the code

$hotmem> haxelib run hxmake generate


  • More tests
  • NodeJS implementation
  • Types: I8, I16, U32, F64
  • Java / CS implementation for hot/bytes view
  • General fallback for other dynamic targets (macro as well)
  • More documentation on BytesView / lock / unlock flow
  • Dox documentation