highlighter 0.5.0

Tool used to highlight text according to a textmate tmLanguage file

Released 2018-04-10.

To install, run:

haxelib install highlighter 0.5.0

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version0.5.0
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Tool used to highlight text according to a textmate tmLanguage file.

Output CSS and HTML code.

The built-in themes are from VSCode.


Get the required dependencies with:

npm install
haxelib install build.hxml

Then compile with:

haxe build.hxml

Usage as a tool


This will output the css styling necessary to display the highlighted content.

node bin/highlighter.js css [--theme=light|dark|/path/to/file]

By default the light theme is used.

Highlight a file

This will apply syntax highlighting to the whole file and output the result on the console.

node bin/highlighter.js highlight --grammar=/path/to/file --input=stdin|file [--file=/path/to/file] [--theme=light|dark|/path/to/file]

By default the light theme is used. If you use --input=file you need to specify the --file argument.

Usage as a lib

You need to target nodejs, add -lib highlighter to your command.

First create a highlighter:

var h = new highlighter.Highlighter("grammar/someGrammar.tmLanguage");

Then you can use it to highlight:

var s = h.runContent("class C { }"); // Highlight a string

var s = h.runFile("test/some.file"); // Highlight a file

var s = h.runStdin(); // Highlight the content of stdin, if you pipe a file

To get the css rules for the style you are using:

var s = h.runCss();

Patching will parse a html file, or a folder of it, and apply syntax highlighting to the following blocks:

	<code class="lang">
var grammars = ["haxe" => new Highlighter("grammars/haxe.tmLanguage)]; // Map language name => highlighter
var getLang = function (classText) return classText.substr(12); // To filter class="prettyprint haxe" into "haxe"

var missingGrammars = Highlighter.patchFile("some.file", grammars, getLang); // Patch a single file

var recursive = true;
var missingGrammars = Highlighter.patchDirectory("/some/path", grammars, getLang, recursive); // Patch a folder recursively (or not).